The 25 Sexiest MMA Hotties of All Time

Jim BerdyszCorrespondent IApril 18, 2011

The 25 Sexiest MMA Hotties of All Time

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    They are the girls we have idolized since they first stepped foot into the MMA world. Some of them have graced the covers of magazines, strolled across the mats of the fighting rings, or even went onto win championships.

    These sexy MMA girls are some of the many reasons why we are in love with the sport today.

    From ring girls, to models, to fighters, they are not only some of the sexiest women in the sport, but some of the hottest women we have ever seen throughout our lives.

    Not a big MMA fan like me? No worries, I've managed to compile a list that any fan or non-fan can be absolutely proud of.

    While none of these girls are ranked in this walk through history, each one of them has made their mark on the sport by simply being beautiful.

    Here are the sexiest MMA hotties of all time. Enjoy.

Kenda Perez

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    Since we're at the beginning of the show, why not start with the hottest MMA TV host in the sport today, Kenda Perez.

    Kenda is currently the host for SpikeTV's The Best of Pride Fighting Championships, not to mention a former Maxim babe as well.

More from Kenda

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    Definitely my favorite host...from every angle of course.

Adree Desanti

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    As far as MMA ring girls go, Adree Desanti is arguably the best.

    Did I mention that cheetahs are my favorite animal?

    Ah, I'm just kidding about that, but I will say cheetahs run about as fast as my heart is runnin' right now looking at Adree in this pic.

Afternoon Walk

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    And suddenly a walk in the park with her sounds like a great idea.

    Don't worry, I'll be here right by your side every step of the way babe.

Natasha Wicks

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    There's no chance anyone is forgetting former UFC sexy Octagon girl Natasha Wicks anytime soon. Let go from UFC a couple years ago, Wicks left her mark on the sport in so many ways.

    This shot of her bright smile and sexy pose is definitely one of them, leaving MMA fans still stunned by her looks and release.


Wicks on Fire

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    Forget matches or a lighter, Natasha could light any candle Wicks with this sexy look.

Kyra Gracie

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    No, Kyra Gracie may not be an MMA fighter just yet, but let's face it, once she does make her debut at some point this year, she will easily become one of the sexiest MMA fighters that has ever stepped foot in the ring.

    I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the Brazilian native fight very soon.

Gracie's Beach

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    Kyra soakin' up some sun at the beach.

    Now only if we could get a pic of her 180° the opposite side.

Rachelle Leah

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    Both a MMA host and octagon girl, Rachelle Leah can simply do it all.

    When she is not gracing her sexy looks in the ring, you can catch her every week on MMA Athletics.

    Yes, I already have made a mental note to definitely check that show out...well basically just Rachelle on the show of course.

    Now if only she could wear this "outfit" every single day, life would be so much better.

Leah That's All I Have to Say

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    Something about girls and leather always seem to catch my attention.

    Rachelle Leah and leather...oh now my heart just skipped a beat.

Natalie Skyy

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    One of the best ring girls Strikeforce has ever seen, Natalie Skyy has everything and you would want from a sexy ring girl...and more.

    Gorgeous eyes, rockin' body, cute smile...did I mention her sexy body already?

    Yep, well I guess my heads in the Skyy right about now.

The Skyy Is the Limit

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    Seriously, the title of this slide says it all.

    Need a cuddle buddy?

Zoila Frausto

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    No list would be complete without the sexy Warrior Princess herself, current Bellator Women's Champion fighter, Zoila Frausto.

    Since her time as a MMA fighter beginning in 2009, Zoila has dominated in every aspect imaginable, from her impressive 11-1 career record, to her background as a black belt, she is definitely one hot fighter fans should always be keeping an eye on.

    Her one and only loss in her MMA career came against Miesha Tate back in March of 2010.

Edith Labelle

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    Seriously, UFC ring girl Edith Labelle is the only girl I have ever met named Edith.

    Oh, I never technically "met" Edith did I? Well hey, nothing is saying we won't ever meet in the future now does it?

    But if we don't, that's ok. At least I'll always have this sexy pic of her embedded in my mind.

Brittney Palmer

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    Brittney Palmer. What else is there to say about one of UFC's most sexiest Octagon Girls?

    Actually, if I could say something to her right now, I would have one thing to say...Will you marry me?

Miesha Tate

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    One of the best Strikeforce fighters in the sport today, Miesha Tate has definitely taken the MMA world by storm over the past few years.

    Miesha currently holds an impressive MMA record of 11-2, where three of her victories have come via the knockout.

    This sexy pic has left me knockout as well. All I can say is, wow.

Michelle Ould

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    The "Thundercat" herself, Michelle Ould.

    I don't know about you, but there's just something about Michelle that I really like. Could it be her sexy physique and that bright smile? You betcha.

    Michelle currently owns a 4-3 career MMA record, where her last loss actually came against Zoila Frausto. No worries, she is still one of the hottest all around girl fighters around the sport today.

Rebecca Love

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    Rebecca folks I'm not making that name up.

    When it comes to Xtreme, nothing compares to Xtreme ring girl Rebecca Love. Her beautiful eyes and breathtaking body are just two reasons to love everything about Ms. Love.

    We may be two months past Valentine's Day, and yet, there is still so much love in the air.

Logan Stanton

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    Honestly, I think former UFC ring girl Logan Stanton has one of the all around sexiest bodies I have ever seen.

    And her innocent face simply has left me speechless.

    It has not left me speechless about one thing though: Why oh why did UFC get rid of Logan I will never clearly understand.

The Sexy Ms. Stanton Again

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    Looking for a seat Ms. Stanton?

    Did I mention there is currently a nice, big empty seat right next to me just waiting for you?

Kerry Vera

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    One of Strikeforce's best.

    Undefeated at 2-0, hottie fighter Kerry Vera certainly burst onto the MMA scene a couple years ago.

    Who could forget her first MMA victory against Kim Couture back in 2009? A knockout win in the first round to cap off a stunning fighting career.

    Kerry may not have fought for a while, but I would go as far as saying she will be ready whenever her next match happens to take place, which hopefully is fairly soon.

Michelle Waterson

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    I'm going to need some water myself after talking and gazing at this sexy girl fighter.

    Simply known as "The Karate Hottie," MMA hottie Michelle Waterson has easily won the hearts of many MMA fans during her three year fighting career. A respectable 8-3 as a fighter, Michelle definitely has what it takes to take down any opponent she chooses.

    She has missed some time in the ring of late, but for good reason, as she gave birth to her first child last month.

    MMA fans all around hope Michelle will be back fairly soon.

Corissa Furr

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    Talk about one special gal.

    Your Strikeforce ring girl contest winner Corissa Furr at her finest right here.

    She's true a winner from every side imaginable if you ask me. I wish there was more pictures of her.

Penny Mathis

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    Forget Penny Lane...I'll take MMA model Penny Mathis instead please!

    Don't even get me started about staring at her two...eyes, as they are simply mesmerizing.

Kim Couture

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    Some say she is the hottest MMA girl fighter around today. I say a statement like that could be very true when talking about the always hot fighter, Kim Couture.

    Kim may be just 3-4 in her MMA fighting career, but come on, that sexy yellow polka dot bikini had me from the minute I saw it...not to mention Kim's desirable body wearing it.

    I don't know about you, but I would take Kim against any other MMA girl fighter any day.

Anne Rivera

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    UFC and Anne Rivera seem to go hand-in-hand, at least that's the way I see it.

    I don't think I have to say too much more about this stunning pic, as this has got to be one of the sexiest poses by an MMA hottie I've ever seen.

Lonely Is the Night

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    Lookin' a little lonely on the couch...I could fix that.

Holly Madison

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    America's favorite "Girl Next Door".

    Holly Madison may have signed on with UFC less than a year ago, but there's just no questioning her seemingly always sexy body, to make this list as one of the sexiest MMA hotties of all time.

    Holly actually recently launched her own UFC women's clothing line, so make sure all you ladies out there check it out.

    When she's not a ring girl, you can see her on her show Holly's World, every Sunday night at 10:30 pm EST on E!


Gina Carano

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    Gina Carano, also known as "The Face of Women's MMA" has gone a cool 7-1 in her fighting career.

    Arguably the hotties MMA girl fighter in the sport today, Gina has beaten some big named opponents during her three years as a fighter.

    Her one career loss came in her very last fight against Cristiane Santos back in August of 2009. So where is the lovely Gina, and will she ever make a comeback to the sport?

    That answer is yes. As it stands today, you will see Gina start her comeback when she returns to the ring on June 18.

Monica Arteaga

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    The name Monica Arteaga is probably the sexiest name I have ever heard in my life, not to mention her sexy body from head to toe as well.

    It became recently known that the Bellator hottie wouldn't be returning for Season about complete heartbreak for die-hard MMA fans out there.

    I'll be the first to say it Monica, there's no doubt you will definitely be missed.

    So now that your schedule is kind of cleared up a little bit, what do you say we hangout sometime?

Monica Arteaga and Mercedes Terrell

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    Kim and Kourtney Kardashian?

    Nah, those Kardashian sisters aren't as sexy as these two Bellator girls.

    If I had my way, I would have both Monica and Mercedes on their own reality show. Now that's a show I would always watch, or at least made sure I would TiVo if I knew I would miss it.

    And since it's my idea and my show, how about free access to this pool? 

Mercedes Terrell

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    Mercedes Terrell, simply one of Bellator's finest.

    You know what I would really love to do? How about buying a hot Mercedes, and having the even hotter Mercedes sit right next to me.

    If that isn't the perfect dream then I don't know what is.

Mercedes Is Simply the Best Model You Could Ask for

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    Everything about this hot pic is flawless, from the background, to the paintings on the wall, to the...oh who am I kidding, how about the flawless Mercedes herself? Really, forget all that background stuff and give me just Mercedes and I'm set.

    More please!

Oh Baby...

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    Crawling underneath seats...hopefully under my seat.

Mercedes Always on My Mind

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Arianny Celeste

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    Simply the one and only. Anianny Celeste is no doubt, arguably the sexiest girl ever associated with the MMA world in history.

    Sexy babe by day, even sexier UFC Octagon girl by night.

    If I'm going to the beach, I'm hoping I run into a girl like Anianny, but odds are I wouldn't find a girl with a resume and a body quite like her.

    Once, just once would I love a walk on the beach hand-in-hand with Anianny, then my life would be complete.

A Pose Like No Other

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    Yep, this will be my desktop wallpaper, probably for the next year...or two.

Absolutely Speechless

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    Yeah, I could think of a few things...well nevermind.

The Sexiest Video You Will Ever See on YouTube

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    Move over Rebecca Black, Justin Beiber, and that dentist kid, this Arianny Celeste video SHOULD easily be the most viewed video on YouTube in 2011.

    Make sure you watch this sexy least several times.

Ali Sonoma

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    Hey is this Heaven?

    Well actually, it's UFC ring girl Ali yeah, let's just say it's about as close to Heaven as you could get without actually being there.

    Honestly if I had to pick just one hot photo out of this whole thing, it would easily be this sexy blue bikini pic of Ali.

    Talk about being a match made in Heaven if you ask me.


Wishful Thinking

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    Anyway we could enlarge this picture maybe to say wall-size?

    Might have hit up a Kinko's within the hour to get that done.


Best Dressed

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    Easily the winner of the Jim Berdysz "2011 Best Dressed of the Year Award."


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The Sexiest Shower in History

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California Dreamin'

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    Roadtrip out west anyone?