Political party’s power punch

Tom CollinsContributor IOctober 7, 2008

So a guy in Bangkok is running for governor (is there any place in the world not holding an election right now?).

Anyways, so Chuvit Kamolvisit was being interviewed on television by a journalist, Visarn Dilokwanich. He didn’t like the questions, so when the interview was done, he punched the journalist out!

From a Yahoo story:

“I admit I did it. I couldn’t stand it when he humiliated me on air,” said Chuvit, a stocky former bodybuilder who owned a strip of girly bars before entering politics a few years ago.

“What I did was a petty crime and I am happy to pay the fine for elbowing him and kicking him.”

It doesn’t sound like he’s too upset.

But could you imagine if vice-president wannabe Sarah Palin had tried this when she was being embarrassed by the media last week? It would have been fun to watch.