WWE: My Predictions for Christian Smackdown Spoilers

Josh McCainSenior Writer IApril 13, 2011

If you're like me, you read the Smackdown spoilers on Tuesday nights or Wednesday more because like a kid before Christmas you just have to know what you're getting before you can actually get it.

So in case you missed it in the headline, this contains Smackdown spoilers, if you want to be surprised, click "back" now.

Well, on Smackdown, Edge, of course, gave another good-bye speech and dropped the heavyweight title.

Alberto Del Rio being the No. 1 contender thought it would fall to him.

It didn't.

He will compete for it at Extreme Rules and his competitor would be determined by a battle royal that night on Smackdown.

To no one's surprise, Christian won.

So, at Extreme Rules, Christian will face off against Del Rio for the title in a ladder match.

I've been thinking about this for a while now, and honestly, I'm not too sure who will come out on top.

The IWC has this notion that Vince McMahon hates Christian and will never give him the WWE or heavyweight title, so one would assume that he won't win at Extreme Rules.

However, I have the suspicion that the WWE doesn't believe Del Rio is ready to hold the title.

After all, if they felt that way, he probably would have beaten Edge at Mania.

This kind of makes this situation a flip of the coin deal.

However, I think what will play out is Del Rio winning at Extreme Rules and Christian will eventually take the title from Del Rio at a future Pay-Per-View event.

My reasoning behind this is because with Edge's heartfelt retirement, Christian has received a ton of emotional support from the fans to carry the torch past down to him by his "big brother" (wink wink).

This is the perfect opportunity for the WWE to play off those emotions from the fans to have Christian come up short (maybe also a second time) before finally defeating Del Rio to win the title.

Kind of like how Shawn Michaels lost at WrestleMania XI, only to go on a roller-coaster of an emotional year leading up to his triumphant victory over Bret Hart at Mania XII.

I'm not saying this feud between Del Rio and Christian should last that long, but, if executed right, it will put Christian way over with the fans and his merchandise will sell like it never has before (which is part of the reason why I think he's never carried the strap).

This type of feud will go a long way to bringing more heat on Del Rio.

Del Rio can cut promos on how he ended Edges career and how Christian isn't as good as Edge, and other verbal assaults that will create a David vs. Goliath angle to their rivalry.

The fans will be so behind Christian by the time he finally wins the title that he'll probably get one of the loudest pops for a first time title winner ever.

Of course, we'll have to wait and see how it all plays out, but if what I described above happens; I won't be surprised at all.

Out of the door closing on Edge's WWE career, a very large window of opportunity has opened for the WWE to push two stars and really make some noise with Smackdown.

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