MMA Knockout of the Day: Rare 10 Second Knockout After Brutal High Kick to Face

Jim BerdyszCorrespondent IApril 13, 2011

Sherdog fighter John "The Saint" Renken needed just 10 short seconds to take down his opponent Curtis Stout, in this highly anticipated matchup thanks to one thing: the high kick.

The fight was part of Hook 'n Shoot: New Wind, which took place back in September of 2002. So why do we care so much about something that happened almost nine years ago? Well if you watch the video of the fight above, the answer is simple.

As the first round begins, Stout is even mentioned by the announcer as "being relaxed" which would ultimately result in his embarrassing defeat. I guess he just underestimated "The Saint" from the very beginning.

Five seconds into the fight; both fighters are at each other's faces, going at it with everything they got. Quickly, Renken creates some space and strikes Stout right across his left cheek with a high left kick.

It almost looks as if his foot barely strikes Stout, but he falls almost instantly after the brutal hit to the face, resulting in a ridiculous knockout in just 10 seconds.

There's no question this KO win by Renken was the best fight of his MMA career.

Getting embarrassed in the matchup, Stout went on to fight in more competitive matches, but only was victorious in eight of his last 18 career fights. His KO loss to Renken was just one of three he had to deal with in his career as a fighter. 

After his stunning victory, "The Saint" went on to win just two of his last eight MMA fights, ending his fighting career in 2005. If Renken wanted to leave any sort of memory of his short career in the ring though, there's no doubt it would be these 10 seconds of fame against Stout.