NY Giants: For Real or Just a Show?

Colin JohnsonContributor IJanuary 15, 2008

With a win this past week over the number 1 seed Dallas Cowboys, the New York Giants have some serious confidence on their side. Now they head into Green Bay to face a tough Packers team.

The Giants have had one thing that has kept them alive for the past few weeks.....DEFENSE! The New York defense has had many spectacular games this season, but none more amazing than this win over Dallas. But now people have got to wonder with the injuries to the secondary, will they have enough coming off the bench? They did against the Cowboys, that’s for sure!

One more thing that has been consistent in the past three games for New York is the Special Teams. The Giants special teams has suddenly come out in the open and is showing no signs of slowing. They did it in the game against the Patriots and they had good field position setup throughout the entire Tampa Bay and Dallas games.

One more major factor in the Giants wins is turnovers. They have had no turnovers in the playoffs so far which is stunning for a team that, throughout the season, was giving away the ball left and right. If Eli Manning can keep the ball in his teammates' hands for exceptionable yardage gain, and the Giants backfield can secure the ball, the Giants have a great chance to win this game and make it to the Super Bowl.

My prediction, with the Giants having extreme confidence going into this one, they will carry out another stunner, Giants win 21-20 in a very close game.