Are the Packers Bad?

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Are the Packers Bad?
Thank God the Brewers have had the season that they've had, because otherwise I'm just not sure how I would be able to be handling the events of the last month. The Badgers have been a colossal disappointment, while the Packers have lost three straight games, including two at Lambeau. Their recent woes are starting to make me wonder if this Packers team is even any good.

Last year the Packers went 13-3, but it was an inflated 13-3. They won several games they shouldn't have, including the contests against Denver and Kansas City. I still have a text from my buddy Shep, who was at the KC game last year, that reads "Packers looking like shit but Huard keeps sacking himself".

Unfortunately, it looks like those breaks aren't coming the Packers way this year, as proved with the Falcons 27-24 victory over the Green and Gold on Sunday. I still haven't seen much of the game outside the highlights, as I was at the Brewers game at the time. I did record the game on DVR, but haven't got around to watching it yet, and probably won't. No need to sit through a loss.

There's a lot wrong with team right now, certainly. I still don't think Aaron Rodgers is one of those things, as from what I understand he had a heck of a game yesterday. The last interception did come after he forced a pass into coverage, however.

For all those people that hated Ted Thompson because of the Favre fiasco, you're vindicated in this 2-3 season, but not really. As I mentioned, the quarterback situation has worked out fine. What has become the problem, however, is the many holes on the rest of the team, including on the offensive line (too young) and the defense line (too injured).

Thompson is still sitting on some $30 million as far as cap room goes, but I just don't know where he's going to spend that before next season. Some fans have suggested trading for guys like Rams DE Leonard Little, but I don't see TT actively pursuing a mid-season deal.

The Packers are 2-3, but even with our problems, it's probably the least worried about a poor Packers start that I've ever been. Some of that has to do with how much talent I think is on this team, some of it has to do with the understanding that the NFC North just isn't that terrific this season. The majority of it though probably has to do with the fact that I've watched about 22 plays from the last two games.

So while the Brewers have provided a nice distraction, it's time to focus all this energy back onto Green Bay. Football season starts now, in my opinion, and I'm ready for it.

Alas, this season could be a short one if the Packers don't find a way to win next week in Seattle.

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