Madden Cover Doesn't Matter: 12 Custom Covers Packers Fans Can Use Instead

J FCorrespondent IApril 12, 2011

Madden Cover Doesn't Matter: 12 Custom Covers Packers Fans Can Use Instead

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    It really doesn't matter who makes the Madden NFL cover anymore now that fans can create their own custom covers with any image they desire.

    Using newer computer technology like Photoshop, Packer backers could even print out and plaster the legendary Bart Starr or Ray Nitschke on the front of their copy of Madden 12.

    Of course Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers is in the Top Four of the fan voting tournament that will decide who will be this year's cover boy, but he may not win it all after being the heavy favorite.

    Cleveland fans have rallied support for their candidate, fan-favorite running back Peyton Hillis, and he currently holds 56 percent of the vote over Rodgers in the semifinals.

    It will be quite the upset if the Browns' workhorse knocks off the Packers' star quarterback, and many fans may not be happy.

    But who really cares? If Hillis is honored with the cover, at least Cleveland fans will have something to be excited about, because the Browns aren't going anywhere after a 5-11 season.

    Everyone knows Rodgers deserves the cover, but if he doesn't win, it may be for the better.

    If there is a Madden curse, he will avoid it and Cheeseheads can choose one of the following custom covers out there to represent the Green and Gold on the front of their favorite (and only) NFL football game on the market.

    Thanks to all those who have taken the time to create the custom covers and publish them on the internet as well as websites like,, and for the images.

Aaron Rodgers

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    This one's for the Packers fans who are also fans of the retro jerseys the team wore against the 49ers this past season.

    Rodgers is simply stylish in the throwback, and this cover is a tribute to the team's rich history. 

Donald Driver

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    Donald Driver has been on the Packers for over a decade and is the team's all-time leading receiver.

    Fans adore him in Green Bay, partly because he's always wearing a smile similar to the one on this cover.

    The only thing about this one that might disgust the bitter fans out there is the smiling Brett Favre in the background.

Clay Matthews

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    After two seasons in Titletown, Clay Matthews has earned the love and respect of all Cheeseheads young and old for his relentless playmaking ability on defense.

    Clay's hair and biceps are beastly, and so is this cover.

A.J. Hawk

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    Some fans may say that Hawk hasn't fulfilled his expectations since joining the Packers as a first-round draft pick, but he led an injury-ravaged defense to a Super Bowl victory.

    The Pack didn't waste any time re-signing A.J. after releasing him, and now he will be bringing down ball-carriers in Green Bay for the near future.

    Many fans would have been sad to see him go and happy to pick this cover.

Aaron Rodgers and Charles Woodson

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    This may be one of the coolest custom covers I've seen.

    Rodgers was the leader of the offense and Woodson the leader of the defense in the Packers' unlikely run to the Super Bowl.

    It was an emotional victory for both as they had to overcome a lot of adversity to finally win the big game. This back-to-back image of the two stars with the frozen tundra in the background is unbelievable.

Donald Driver

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    Here's another cover dedicated to Double D.

    In this one he's reeling in one of his many receptions at Lambeau with Cheesehead-wearing fans and the Packers bikini girls cheering in the backdrop.

B.J. Raji

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    B.J. Raji aka "The Freezer" has become the anchor of the Pack's 3-4 defense in his second season.

    The big man is best known for his pick six in the NFC Championship game and can be seen dancing in celebration in the background of this solid cover.

James Starks

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    James Starks emerged at just the right time for the Packers and provided a running attack for the team throughout the playoffs.

    Hopefully, the rookie's best years are ahead of him and he'll get a chance to officially be on a Madden cover.

Greg Jennings

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    Jennings is best wide receiver in Green Bay's elite receiving corps.

    He securing a catch in this cover just like he snagged two touchdowns in the Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers' "Steel Curtain" defense. 

Aaron Rodgers

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    This is what the official cover of Madden 2012 should look like.

    Aaron Rodgers is an elite quarterback with a Super Bowl ring and MVP under his championship belt.

    There isn't a better background than the traditional Lambeau Leap.

Aaron Rodgers

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    Okay, so I threw an extra one in. This cover is similar to the last one but a bit more colorful and has a snowy Lambeau in the background.

    There are many options for Packers fans to slip into the case of Madden NFL 12 if Rodgers should fail to win in the tournament.

    It's a good thing this quarterback is used to adversity. A cover snub will only increase his motivation to take the Pack to a repeat and protect him from the curse.

    Go Pack, Go!