Tiger Woods' Ex-Mistress Rachel Uchitel Hooking Up with Ex-Penn State Player

BenitoTheSmoothCorrespondent IIIApril 12, 2011

Remember Tiger's original mistress, Rachel Uchitel? Well the 36-year-old night club manager decided to celebrate Tiger's recent resurgence in the world of golf by hitting the beach with her new man. 

TMZ.com caught Ms. Uchitel and her new boyfriend, ex-Penn State fullback Matt Hahn, getting hot and heavy at a Miami beach:

Rachel says her 25-year-old BF Matt Hahn is,  "The best thing that's happened to me in as long as I can remember." 

Apparently, she's having trouble remembering the time she got a $10 million check from Señor Woods. 

The two are clearly more than just a flingMatt Hahn expressed his affection for Rachel in a string of recent tweets:

Awwwww, precious.