Brock Lesnar Deserves The Title Shot

joshua khanContributor IOctober 7, 2008

I’ve been searching the web and I do a good amount of time reading articles that people have written about MMA events and the way they percieve things and the speculations that run amok within our tiny little world. 

And there is a certain annoyance that I keep reading and its about all this crying and tantrums about Brock Lesnar getting his title shot against Randy Couture.  Unless someone out there has been dropped on their head or something, than I think I’m going to have to pull everyone back from reality for a second and remind them why things are the way they are. 

When it comes to any one on one competition, any organization, any entertainment franchise, there are some things that happen, for our viewing pleasure. 

For instance, Anderson Silva is fighting Patrick Cote, not something I’m too interested in, but watching my favorite fighter manhandle that piece of iron from across the border.  But mind you, Anderson Silva, debut in the UFC against Chris Leben, and after that lovely fashion of oohhs and aaahhs he got a title shot.

I see a lot of people whining about Brock Lesnar getting his title shot against Randy Couture, its like, really, go gives a crap what you think, I wanna see this fight. 

Who really cares if it really happens, if everyone thought Couture would soundly defeat Lesnar, everyone would be saying that Brock was a sacrificial lamb, but instead, Lesnar is as big as an ox and everyone knows that Captain America will get manhandled just like Herring did.

For the love of god everyone shut up about it not being fair, if Lesnar has the power to dethrone the champion, than i say go for it, stop crying and stomping your feet about it not being fair, I wanna see the fight, I'll pay my money to see the fight, if your really concerned about it, go cool off, go watch some Power-Puff Girls and shut the heck up.