WWE RAW Results, Questions, Comments and Analysis...LIVE! (4/11/2011)

Rob Belote@GuysNationSenior Analyst IApril 12, 2011

Only 51 weeks remaining until WrestleMania, and we've only got one match booked! That's a lot of work left to do, and...plenty of time to set things up.

With a more immediate need, Extreme Rules is coming up, and I can't think of any matches they've setup so far.  John Cena was last seen face to face with The Rock, battling back the members of The Corre, but neither of those guys is on the RAW roster.

What will the flagship show do to battle the oh-so-creative Extreme Rules booking of Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge in a WrestleMania rematch? (they should've done a Christian vs. Edge vs. ADR... but that's their failure)

We'll find out tonight, but don't be surprised if it's The Miz vs. John Cena yet again.  I might prefer that to seeing The Miz vs. Randy Orton... but those certainly aren't the only two options.  Let's not forget that Sheamus is the United States champion, so he might get involved in some sort of feud leading to the pay-per-view.

Aside from an annoying Michael Cole entrance, John Cena starts off RAW and I guess there's no reason to waste any time in trying to find out what his intentions are for Extreme Rules.  Will we be seeing a second Wrestlemania Rematch?  Is Edge going to get involved in this segment?  Apparently he's here tonight, and they're talking about a potential retirement...

Cena's excited about the excitement from the Connecticut crowd... and he reminds us that Cena vs The Rock has been booked for Wrestlemania 28. 

Josh Mathews thinks Miami will never be the same ater that match... and I'd wonder what LeBron James would have to say about that.

John Cena says that his intentions are to win the World Championship and be holding it at Wrestlemania.  He wastes little more time, and Cena starts to issue the challenge... but he's interrupted by Randy Orton, the Apex Predator of the WWE (so says his shirt).

Not only does Randy Orton think he should get the next title shot (since he won at Wrestlemania, that being his main argument), but John Morrison thinks he should be part of the discussion as well.

Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler come to the ring, and after joking that SHE should be in the title match, she says that Dolph should get an opportunity.  Ziggler says that he has never had a shot at The Miz for the title, and all the other guys have lost to The Miz already with the belt on the line.

This becomes a comedy of errors as R-Truth shows up.

R-Truth talks about how he has never had a championship match on ANY show (he failed to mention his NWA World Championship reign which included some TNA shows), and before Long Island Iced Z shows up to ask for a match the Anonymous GM says that there will be a Gauntlet match featuring all five of these guys, with the winner getting the pay per view title shot.

Apparently Jerry Lawler will yet again face Jack Swagger.

Creepy promo time... and it's Awesome Kong!  In very creepy fashion, she flicks the head off of a barbie doll, and I wouldn't be surprised if she got over as a "face" with that angle.

Going right from the Awesome Kong promo to a Diva's title match, the lovely ladies are all ready to go.

Diva's Championship Match - Brie Bella vs Eve Torres (c)

In very smart fashion, Eve brings a sharpie to ringside and has the referee draw on the back of Brie's hand to keep them from doing the Twin Magic switch-a-roo.

The Bella Twins make the switch, and Eve notices it in time, but the distraction allows Brie to get back on the offensive and she hits a move I haven't seen since X-Pac was in WWE.

Outcome - Brie Bella becomes the new Diva's Champion as she pins Eve Torres

Sin Cara is not only backstage, but he's in action... NEXT!

Backstage, Eve is a little distraught about losing, and she doesn't take well to Gail Kim or Nattie trying to console her.  She says Divas are catty and cold-hearted, and while Gail and Nattie disagree they show Tamina walk around, as if to say she's cold / uncaring.  Way to pick on the new girl...

Match - Sin Cara vs Primo Colon

Would Vegas even offer odds on this one? 

Hot spots: backflip off of Primo's chest, springboard hurricanrana with Primo standing on the arena floor, reversal from the powerbomb into a sunset flip bomb, and his finish

Is anyone else surprised at the amount of offense Primo is getting?

After a probable blown opportunity on the top rope, Sin Cara gets back into the ring and hits rewind on the spot and goes for it again.

Outcome - Sin Cara gets the win with a backflip urinage from the top rope, the likes of which you probably saw Kazarian do on Impact... if you watched TNA Wrestling, which you probably don't.  Most people don't.

With all the talk of Edge possibly retiring, how big are the odds that he's not actually retiring at all?

Wade Barrett talks about the failure of The Corre to take out The Rock and John Cena last week, and he doesn't intend to take any blame for it.  Each member of The Corre takes umbridge with Barrett's statements, but they're interrupted by Santino.

He's got Evan Bourne, Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry with him to make even numbers.  Apparently they're The Apple - Allied People Powered by Loathing Everything related to The Corre.  They don't waste any time, and Santino leads them to the ring as we cut to commercial.

Match - The Corre vs The Apple

Does anyone else think this might be an opportunity to shuffle the deck to replace members of The Corre?  I suppose there's a chance this match could be used to make them more cohesive, but I think it's the beginning of the end.

Before even half of the guys in the match actually get tagged in, all hell breaks loose, it devolves down to Heath Slater and Santino Marella geting set to hit The Cobra, but Justin Gabriel helps Heath Slater, allowing Slater to get back on the advantage.

Outcome - Heath Slater gets a win for The Corre by pinning Santino after his reverse DDT.

After the match, we get some banter from Michael Cole and Lawler, since Jerry Lawler gets a rematch with Michael Cole if he beats Swagger tonight, and Lawler would get to pick the stipulation for their Extreme Rules match.  Then Jim Ross makes his entrance and goes right after Cole, who locks himself inside his magic bubble.  Swagger shows up and tries to get after Jim Ross, but Jerry Lawler stops him.

We get a commercial for Smackdown, and supposedly they haven't heard that Edge might be retiring, because they were talking all about the ADR / Edge feud.

Match - Jerry Lawler vs Jack Swagger

I'm torn.  If Swagger wins, we'll never see Cole in the ring again.  If Lawler wins, then the feud exends until Extreme Rules where they will likely end the feud.

I've heard enough about how Michael Cole is a great heel manager / announcer.  The guy over-sells things and rambles on and suffers from the same "can't shut up" syndrome that Don West used to in TNA before Tazz took his place at the announce table.

I think we have proof that WWE does pay a little bit of attention to TNA.  They've seen that Impact ratings have been on the rise, so they've decided to take an over-the-hill wrestler, let him get into the ring, and when the chips are down, he hulks up and makes a massive comeback while shaking his fists.

Michael Cole provides some distraction late in the match, and Jim Ross shows up to not only nullify him, but that provides enough of a distraction on Jack Swagger that Lawler rolls him up with a school boy.

Outcome - Jerry Lawler scores the pinfall victory over Swagger

After the match, Michael Cole berates Jack Swagger, going so far as to smack him, and Swagger nearly makes a face turn as he almost tears Cole apart before Cole runs away.

Before Cole can get backstage, Lawler makes the match for Extreme Rules: Tag Match - Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross vs Michael Cole & Jack Swagger

I realize that things are tense between Cole and Swagger now, but couldn't Lawler have picked a better match?  There's always the chance that Cole will somehow get Swagger back in his favor, and if that happens, Lawler ends up looking like an idiot.  Couldn't he have just made it Lawler vs Cole in a Street Fight or involve a weapon or something?

Edge hits the ring, and I have a couple of minutes worth of technial difficulties, but he's now in the ring and is talking about potentially retiring.  He recalls some of his history, even mentions his 3 second poses.  He hopes that he has earned the respect from the locker room and the fans... and he might actually be retiring.  I'm a bit shocked.  I keep waiting to hear Alberto Del Rio's music interrupt.

Edge says he's going to miss "all of this", and it's quickly becoming more real.  He says he won't have to wear tights tomorrow (which is funny, because Smackdown is taped tomorrow, and that's his show... and I'd think he would probaby show up there one last time... whether or not he puts on the tights).  Edge thanks the fans, says "thanks very much" and gets a standing ovation.

So what happened to the World Title?  Why is he retiring?  Someone needs to send me a message on Bleacher Report and let me know what happened during my technical difficulties.  I'll give a shout out to whomever gives me the most accurate / detailed explanation.


The emotional segment from Edge is followed up by The Miz showing up, and I suppose he's just going to be at the announce position to watch this match.  In classy fashion, The Miz and Jim Ross shake hands as JR welcomes him to the table.

Gauntlet Match

Here comes the first two...

Randy Orton's music hits, and the fans go wild.  Is that because they know he likely won't be winning?  Did they not want to see him in the ppv title match?  I didn't.  Not with the other names involved. 

Aside from R-Truth.  I'd rather see Randy Orton than R-Truth.

Who's going to start with Randy?  Dolph Ziggler, the man who I figured had very little chance of getting the ppv title shot because he and The Miz are both heels.

Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler

Does anyone else think that Ziggler looked like he had been crying backstage?  He definitely gave Edge an emotional hug backstage, but on his way down the entrance ramp, it really looked like Ziggler was trying to wipe his eyes.a

This article will be updated as the night continues.  By the end of the night the oh-so-popular GuysNation polls will be added to that version of the article.  If this version of the article isn't updated as frequently as you might expect, check out the original version.


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