Draft: Latest Philadelphia Eagles Rumors, News and Speculation

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Draft: Latest Philadelphia Eagles Rumors, News and Speculation

If it was me, I'd be totally fine with an offensive lineman.

I know some of you Eagles fans hate that idea, though, and would much rather the team take a cornerback with the 23rd pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. Those appear to be the two biggest targets for the team right now, and the rumor mill has generated some huge Eagles buzz.

The best rumor so far: the possibility of Philly trading Kevin Kolb to Buffalo, along with their first and second round picks, for the Bills' No. 3 pick. That would then be used to select LSU's Patrick Peterson, who is considered the best corner in this draft.

High price to pay? Absolutely. At the same time, you get a player who has the potential to become an All-Pro. The return on investment will be well worth it.

Now, would Jimmy Smith be a good backup plan in case this doesn't happen? Possibly. I hope the Eagles do their homework on the kid, though, because you just need to look within your own division at Dez Bryant and see what happens when you take an ultra-talented player who's a knucklehead.

The Eagles have also looked at plenty of defensive linemen so far and worked out a pair of quarterbacks as well, in the event they can move Kolb. With the depth of talent that is available at the position, it would be ridiculous for Philadelphia not to go and grab one of the defensive linemen available.

Back to the o-line...

What's also been interesting to read recently (and more on this in a second) is that Winston Justice is a little steamed now that there's talk he could have competition at his position once training camp begins. Personally, I don't see a problem with it. Helps you to not get complacent.

There's lots to discuss and still lots to pick apart as we get closer to the draft. I'm surprised at how tame you Eagles fans have been. I was expecting a little more passion. 

So feel free to sound off. I'll give you plenty of news, updates, rumors and speculation.

Tell me what you think. 

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