Should Fans Expect EliteXC's Own Elimination Soon?

Mike LevyContributor IOctober 7, 2008

EliteXC's hopes of placing itself among the major MMA companies might have been knocked out along with its poster boy, Kimbo Slice, over the weekend. The one-time street fighter turned MMA "superstar" was knocked out by a reject of the UFC's reality show The Ultimate Fighter, Seth Petruzelli.

Although EliteXC is the only MMA company to hold a show on live network television, the roster full of UFC rejects and fighters with no business in MMA overshadow the few great fighters destined for their spots in UFC.

When you can name the great fighters that are EliteXC "originals" on one hand, you're destined to fail. Eddie Alverez and Jake Shields are the only fighters worthy of their own place in the UFC. But what about Robbie Lawler, Frank Shamrock, Scott Smith, and allegedly Tito Ortiz? These three are UFC rejects who either retired and came back (Shamrock) or lost a few decisions in a row and left.  

The only bright spot of EliteXC is the women's division and the introduction of Gina Carano into the mind of every guy who's ever heard of MMA. These women can fight, and most of the time can put on the best fight of the night. A brilliant idea in itself, the UFC hasn't talked about bringing in a women's division, but it's a draw for anyone who watches EliteXC. 

Now with the weight of the company on Gina Carano's shoulders, EliteXC will be lucky to last more than a year or two at best. What they need is a big name that can win a championship and keep it for a while, or a fighter with an amazing knockout every fight.

How do you think the UFC got so popular? If it wasn't for Chuck Liddell, the UFC would still be the top company like it is now, but wouldn't be selling out events. If you saw Slice get knocked out in 14 seconds, you probably just witnessed the end of the Slice craze and the beginning of the end for EliteXC.