No NFL, No Problem: 15 Things to Do in This NFL-Less Fall

Matt Sheehan@@MattSheehan333Analyst IApril 11, 2011

No NFL, No Problem: 15 Things to Do in This NFL-Less Fall

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    With the days of the NFL Lockout growing into weeks, its only a matter of time before it officially turns into a vacant 2011-2012 season. The NFL has definitely made itself into a staple for the typical American Sunday afternoon, so how on earth can fans move on this upcoming fall without seeing their teams play?

    Reading these fifteen steps may inspire you to take part in something that will make this season more than a lockout, but it's guaranteed to let you know there is a fun life without professional football.

Become a College Football Genius

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    Watching college football is probably in your itinerary already, but let’s take your team spirit a little further.

    Without the NFL comes more college football coverage, which means that you could be an NCAA guru by mid-season. Don’t just let yourself focus on one team, but follow every other team in your conference to be the go-to sports guy in your office.

Try to Watch NASCAR

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    Ok now this one is a stretch, but let’s give it a shot. NASCAR may be the most excruciating three to four hours of television you may ever watch, but in the heart of football season is when the “action” picks up.

    The final races of the season take place in the fall, where Jimmy Johnson will naturally win the crown, and it’s as close to playoff football as four wheels can get.

Follow Your Favorite College in Soccer

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    If you spit your drink out all over your computer, I’m sorry, this wasn’t meant for you. This one is for a person that likes change, and this is a big one if you are willing to transition over to the other football.

    The college season mainly runs through September and October, so if there’s a college campus nearby that has a quality team, why not follow them and check out some games whenever they play on Sunday?

Tune into the World Series

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    Duh, this is the biggest sports event in October in the first place, and without the NFL you have no excuse to miss any games.

    Sure baseball may not have the hard-hitting action that you’re used to, but seeing a guy take a ball going 95 miles per hour that’s only inches away from his belt and hit it 400 feet with a piece of wood isn’t that unimpressive.

Shuffle Up the Cards and Play Some Poker

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    The WSOP is just holding its Main Event coverage throughout the end of summer and beginning of fall which makes poker fever the most catchable virus around this time.

    Playing cards with your friends isn’t just a way to take home some cash (on a good day), but it’s a great way to catch up and “bro out.”

Get Some House Work Done

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    Ah yes, that thing you’ll get to “after the game” can actually be done at any point of the day now that there is no game to keep you from working.

    This NFL Lockout could be the greatest thing that has happened to your wife since saying “you’re right.”

Check out the Rugby World Cup

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    Bet you didn’t see this one coming.

    From September 9th to October 23rd New Zealand is going to host the World Cup for a tournament very few Americans know the rules of, but yet it has everything we love about sports. Constant action, hard hits, and raw competition will have you glued to the game after your first time watching it.

Pick Up Another Sport to Participate in

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    Even though it’s just one day of the week, it still gives you the whole day to step outside the box and start a new hobby. Some ideas that would work out could be jogging or golf, both of which would benefit your health and keep you off the couch on those lazy Sunday afternoons.

    People in the northern part of the country, this could be the time to pick up a sport like skiing and make it a routine to hit the slopes every Sunday with your family or friends.

See How Sportscenter Will Fill Up Thier Time Slot

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    This is a double whammy, because not only is the NFL gone, but so is Brett Favre.

    Some examples of some prop bets you can make with your pals:

    -Over/Under of total number of camera shots of a door chained shut.

    -How many highlights they will actually play now they can’t fill up time with talking to countless experts.

    -Over/Under date of when you punch your TV because you can’t handle lockout coverage anymore.

Help coach your kids/younger siblings

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    This is one that can benefit both you and junior. Days that used to be cooped up inside watching football can now be used to take a step outside and work on your kids skills for whatever sport that may be.

    I know it’s only one day out of the week, but having a one-on-one practice seems like a good bonding experience that will also get you active.

Do Some Community Service

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    This is another one that could benefit you as much as it would benefit those you’re helping out. Instead of going to church and rushing home to see kickoff, you can head out to the soup kitchen and serve up a hot meal for those less fortunate.

    Religious or not, doing some good in the community will help out everyone including yourself.

Get Back into the NHL

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    Ever since the strike back in 2004-05, the NHL has been struggling to keep attendance records up and grabbing the attention it used to have.

    Starting off in October and going through the whole winter, ESPN and other news outlets are bound to start giving the NHL the attention it deserves and put the interest back into everybody. This could really draw your attention if your favorite part of football was the hard hitting and fiery action that ensued nearly every possession.

Start Up Your Own League

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    This could be a fun one, and also make you the commissioner of any sport you want to manage. Get your friends and your friend’s friends and create a flag football, golf, or any other sport league that would be a blast to participate in every week.

    It’s up to you how long it goes for and all the rules are, but as long as you crown a champion in the end it should be a great fall.

Become a College Hoops Guru

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    Somewhere around mid-October is where you would find yourself in week six of your NFL season, but little do some people know it’s also time for college basketball to start. Right from midnight madness you can follow your favorite team and, again, be the sports know-it-all amongst your buddies.

Make Sunday Madden Day

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    If you’re really in need of the names that the NFL has to offer, than you can turn on the Xbox and cue up Madden.

    Now in drastic measures, you can choose two teams that would be playing in the said week and have the computer play as both. This is advised only for those suffering from major NFL withdrawals and I think it will just be enough to last you the whole season.