Tom Brady, Jenn Sterger, Carl Lewis and More Hot Swagger News

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Tom Brady, Jenn Sterger, Carl Lewis and More Hot Swagger News

Jenn Sterger... sigh...

Remember her, the New York Jets' former employee and Florida State Seminoles fan?

I bet you were thinking now that Brett Favre is retired (is he? are we sure?) that you would never hear that name again.

But alas, she is back and with a vengeance.

I'm sure Mr. Favre will be watching to hear what she has to say when the lights go on.

This week she will be on both ABC's "Nightline" and "Good Morning America," and she will have only one request for you: "I just want my life back."

Slow down there, missy. You'll get it back when we're done with it.

In other sports news, nine-time Olympic gold medalist, and National Anthem destroyer, Carl Lewis is running for Senate.

"When I run—you can see my record—I run to win," Lewis told reporters.

Wow, you see what he just did there? A play on words. That alone is worth your vote, right?

Ryan Howard, the Phillies slugger has decided that it's time to settle down. He and his long time cheerleader girlfriend (yes, I had to mention that) have decided to tie the knot.

Yes, I will get you more details; no, the picture on the slide will not be of Ryan Howard.

This week on ESPN you will get to see Tom Brady cry. But not for the reasons you might think. He won't be crying over David Tyree memories and not over this youtube video, either.

We'll hit these topics and a few more, just for you.

One quick question, is this CGI or real?

Get ready for the NBA Playoffs, BR Swagger Style!!/BR_Swagger


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