The 20 Most Gorgeous Beauty Queen WAGs of All Time

Scott HowardContributor IApril 11, 2011

The 20 Most Gorgeous Beauty Queen WAGs of All Time

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    As naturally competitive as athletes are, they want to know that the girl on their arm is the best out there.

    As a result, many athletes turn to beauty pageant winners. That way they know that their girlfriend is officially the hottest girl in the state, country, world, universe...whatever.

    But it's not just about the looks. To win a pageant, you also need a brain. You don't see this girl dating an American or South African athlete, do you?

    With that in mind, I present to you the 20 most gorgeous beauty queen WAGs of all time.

20. Victoria Lopyreva

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    Victoria took home the title of Miss Russia 2003, which allowed her to be worthy of dating one of the world's best hockey players, Alex Ovechkin.

    I'm with Victoria...teeth are overrated, anyway.

19. Vanessa Williams

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    Before her acting and singing career, Vanessa Williams gained fame by becoming the first African American to win Miss America in 1983.

    She became a WAG when she married NBA player Rick Fox. The two divorced and Fox is now dating Eliza Dushku, who was three years old when Williams won Miss America.


18. Maria Jose Suarez

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    Maria got over the shame of having a boy's middle name by winning the Miss Spain contest in 1996.

    She went on to date tennis player Feliciano Lopez, who has a few achievements on the court. But clearly he'd rather have Maria in his hands than a tennis racket.

17. Kenya Moore

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    This former Miss USA 1993 has been linked to the attention-craving wide receiver Terrell Owens. The two went to the ESPYs together in 2010 and were seen getting cozy afterwards.

    His teammate Chad Ochocinco is dating a reality star, so why wouldn't T.O. go for a beauty queen?

16. Zuleyka Rivera

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    The Puerto Rican beauty won the coveted Miss Universe title in 2006. She became a WAG when she started dating fellow Puerto Rican and borderline dwarf JJ Barea.

    Sometimes life just isn't fair.

15. Lane Lindell

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    Lindell won the paradoxical title of Miss World United States in 2008. She then finished as a semifinalist in the actual Miss World competition and managed to win the evening gown portion of the contest.

    She's known for dating The Hills star and Paris Hilton's ex-boyriend Doug Reinhardt, who played minor league baseball for a few seasons.

14. Rima Fakih

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    Fakih became the first Lebanese American to win Miss America in 2010. I'm not sure if her title gets revoked now that she's dating Ricky Romero, who pitches for the Canada-based Toronto Blue Jays.

    What's next, Miss Canada dating a Yankee?

13. Lorena Bernal

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    Lorena Bernal won Miss Spain in 1999 at the ripe age of 18. After that she made her foray into acting, appearing in a few shows we've actually heard of like Chuck and CSI.

    She became a WAG when she started dating and later married soccer player Mikel Arteta.

12. Giorgia Palmas

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    This Italian bombshell won the Miss World Italy and Miss World Europe titles in 2000. She became a WAG when she started dating a soccer player with one of the coolest names in the world: Davide Bombardini.

    As a testament to the loose and free spirit of Italia, this is one of the few photos I could find of Giorgia with clothes on.

    Something tells me Google Image Search is about to overload. 

11. Chelsea Cooley

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    Joe Mauer was an All-American in football, basketball and baseball in high school in Minnesota. It's only fitting that this all-American guy with all-American sideburns would end up dating Miss America 2005, Chelsea Cooley.

    Unfortunately the romance didn't last. I'm guessing it's because Cooley is from North Carolina. Mauer's waiting for Miss Minnesota.

10. Alena Seredova

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    Seredova is a model and former Miss Czech Republic runner-up. She became a WAG when she started dating Italian goalie Gianluigi Buffon.

    Something tells me Buffon's not rejecting anything she throws his way.

9. Vanessa Minnillo

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    Minnillo is known for being an MTV Veejay, aspiring actress, and one of Derek Jeter's many conquests.

    But she was also Miss Teen USA in 1998. She's moved on from Jeter into the arms of former 98 Degrees member Nick Lachey.

    Two people that will never be more famous than they were in their teens...sounds like a great relationship!

8. Imogen Thomas

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    This former star of the UK version of Big Brother was also named Miss Wales in 2003. That may not sound like much to us, but let me tell you it is a big deal in England.

    Thomas is known for being one of Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo's many model girlfriends.

7. Marina Rodrigues

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    Rodrigues won the title of Miss Portugal 2004, and part of the prize was getting to date playboy soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

    I'm telling you, Cristiano should just open up his own modeling agency.

6. Shanna Moakler

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    This former Miss New York 1995 is known for being in Playboy and dating drummer Travis Barker, but she also dated and had a child with boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya in the late '90s.

    Things got ugly and the couple split up, but that didn't stop Moakler from going on to fame as the host of the classic television competition, Bridalplasty.



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5. Ali Sonoma

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    Ali has the distinction of winning the Hooters Swimsuit USA contest in 2004. Besides making her parents extremely proud, the title also allowed her to start dating MMA fighter Diego Sanchez.

    Yes I'm intentionally avoiding the incredibly obvious "dirty" joke about her boyfriend's last name. Let's keep it classy, people.



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4. Carrie Prejean

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    Carrie is a former Miss California 2009 and a runner-up for Miss America in that same year. Prejean drew headlines for all the wrong reasons when she made some controversial comments about gay marriage during the Miss America contest.

    She was later stripped of her Miss California crown for "breaches of contract," but that didn't stop her from dating NFL QB Kyle Boller.

3. Halle Berry

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    You probably know her from Oscar-worthy films like The Flintstones and Catwoman, but before Halle Berry was an actress, she was a beauty queen.

    She won Miss Teen All-American in 1985 and Miss Ohio in 1986. Don't know how she'd place with this look in this year's pageant, but it must have been hot back then.

    Halle rode the momentum of her pageant wins and married Braves outfielder Dave Justice in 1993. 

2. Anna Burns

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    Anna Burns became a WAG when she started dating Patriots receiver Wes Welker. You may not see Burns on the list of Miss USA winners, but that's because she won a different type of pageant.

    Burns was Miss Hooters International 2005, which holds much more importance in most of our social circles.

1. Kristen Dalton

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    Doug Reinhardt has somehow infiltrated the pageant world, and he needs to be stopped. In addition to Lane Lindell, the former minor league baseball player and star of The Hills was also rumored to have dated Miss USA 2009, Kristen Dalton.

    I guess we all have a type, right?