Jenn Sterger, Lamar Odom, Barry Bonds and Monday's Sports News

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Jenn Sterger, Lamar Odom, Barry Bonds and Monday's Sports News
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Barry Bonds lies in wait. Sadly though, the case won’t come down to guilt or innocence. It’s comes down to proof.

As the jury deliberates and listens to testimony again, they are listening for credibility.

It’s a strange word from a man who has lost so much credibility in the last decade, but at this point, he’s no longer on trial.

His accusers are. The jilted ex-lover, the estranged business partner and childhood friend and a host of players who claim they knew full and well what BALCO was up to.

Has to make you wonder how Bonds couldn’t have known.

But thinking he knew, being sure he knew and proving he knew are three very separate issues.

For Bonds, he has to hope those who testified against him are far less credible than he has been.

Nonetheless, avoiding jail will be a bittersweet victory.

After spending your whole life in a love affair with the game of baseball and then to ruin a Hall of Fame career by being known as a liar, a cheat, a jerk and a womanizer, it’s got to sting a bit.

The federal jury may still be in deliberation, but the jury of baseball writers who will seal his fate for Cooperstown have already spoken.

Bonds won’t ever see the hall.

Case closed.

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