Jenn Sterger, Lamar Odom, Albert Pujols and Monday's Top Sports News

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Jenn Sterger, Lamar Odom, Albert Pujols and Monday's Top Sports News

Jenn Sterger is back and filling the headlines around the sports world once again. The former Florida State cowgirl, turned Jets sideline hostess, turned Versus television personality spoke to ABC news in an interview to be released Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on the network. 

For those who are unfamiliar with Sterger, the brunette bombshell made headlines late last year when a Deadspin report informed us that Favre had sent Sterger pictures of his "little gunslinger" when he was the Jets' quarterback in 2008. 

Sterger told ABC that she "wasn't a gold digger" and "hasn't made a dime" from the scandal, and I believe her. After all, this was the first truly public statement she's given since the story broke last year, and anyone who read Deadspin's story knows that they released the story despite her attempts to get them not to. 

So, if she didn't want the story released, and hasn't made the talk show rounds to talk about it, how was she angling to profit from the controversy? 

If Sterger weren't enough, Albert Pujols is still trying to work out the kinks from an early-season funk, and you should be concerned by his form thus far, while, in the NBA, Lamar Odom just had some bad memories brought back to the surface by a meddling but well-intentioned Kardashian. 

Add a brand new Masters champ who could be a one-hit wonder like so many before him, and one of the wildest finishes at Augusta National in recent memory, and you've got a recipe for what's becoming a wild day in the sports world. 

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