Could Turner Gill's Buffalo Bulls Stop the Nebraska Huskers?

Peter RCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2008

Can it be?
Can Turner Gill's Buffalo University Bulls football team of the MAC Conference be as good as the Nebraska Huskers? Next week will tell much more. In an ordinary year, Husker fans would ho-hum any comparisons.


Compare the records
Nebraska is 3-2, while the Bulls are 2-3: advantage Nebraska.

The Bulls lost to Missouri in Columbia 42-21 and the Huskers lost to Missouri in Lincoln 52-17; advantage Buffalo.

Next week is the tiebreaker. Nebraska beat Western Michigan in Lincoln 47-24 in August and the Broncos visit New York next week. Both teams had or will have home-field advantage.

Turner Gill never really was considered for the Nebraska opening that former Husker and LSU defensive coordinator Bo Pelini won.

If it turns out he has a better team this year, it would be an interesting turn of irony. Turner Gill has been coaching his players for two years longer than Bo Pelini has.

It is an interesting thought that a MAC team could be as good as a Big 12 team and a former BCS national champion.