WWE: Why the Miz's Next Opponent Should Be Triple H

Bryan FloryAnalyst IApril 10, 2011

Last Monday Night's Raw left us with a lot of loose ends as to what to expect for Extreme Rules, especially as to who will face the Miz for the WWE Championship.

We all know now that John Cena and the Rock's feud will carry over the next 12 months to WrestleMania 28, but what will happen with the rest of the roster?

It appears that Cena will have to address why the Corre attacked him following his segment with the Rock—not prolonging his feud with the Miz.

Also during his promo, Cena said if he ever faces the Miz again, not when, which leads me to believe he will be done feuding with the Miz temporarily.

In addition, Triple H hinted that he would be facing the Undertaker at WrestleMania 28, yet gave no indication as to what he would be doing in the interim. We all figure that the Undertaker will again be taking an extended period of time off, leaving Triple H with no one to work with.

Why not have the Miz feud with Triple H?

WWE Creative clearly thinks the world of the Miz.

Look at the list of people he has feuded with as of late: Randy Orton, Jerry Lawler, John Cena, the Rock, and even a segment with Stone Cold Steve Austin last week. That list includes some of the biggest faces in the history of wrestling.

Feuding with Triple H would further establish the Miz as one of the new "faces" of WWE. Some may argue that the Miz had fluke victories over Cena and Orton, and got his ass kicked by the Rock.

What better way to build him up even higher than by having him feud with Triple H?

Furthermore, you could have the feud last several pay-per-views, with the Miz eventually dropping the title, and giving Triple H one last title run.

The promos would be epic, and it could signify the start of the changing of the guard that we all suspect will happen in the next year.

And for all of you out there that don't think this could happen, then who else?

We have seen the same tired feuds featuring Orton and Cena, so please Vince spare us.

John Morrison seems like he is on the way down due to backstage politics and the other faces on Raw are not big enough to face the Miz.

The only other possibilities are to take a heel, like CM Punk, or bring someone over from Smackdown.

I don't foresee them using the Miz in a feud with Punk, unless they plan on eventually turning him face. Punk is naturally such a great heel because of the condescending way that he speaks (not a bad thing). It would definitely be cool to see these two face off because it seems that the promos would be verbal jab after verbal jab that would greatly entertain the crowd.

We all know that Creative is not very high on doing heel vs. heel though.

Finally, Smackdown has so many older faces that it seems that it would be difficult to transition them over to Raw and make a meaningful story quickly.

Edge is already booked for the World Title match with Alberto Del Rio, while Christian seems to figure into that match as well.

There's no chance that Rey Mysterio would come over to Raw to feud for the WWE Title, and it seems highly unlikely that someone like the Big Show or Kofi Kingston would be shot into the title picture after playing such an insignificant role at WrestleMania.

After addressing all of these points, it really seems like there is no one else to feud with the Miz over the WWE Championship than the Game.

Let's hope that Triple H feels the same because we all know that he has the pull to make it happen.


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