What the Toronto Maple Leafs Need

paul masonCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2008

Unless you live in a sports vacuum, it is hard to be ignorant in the GTA of the Leafs' recent woes. After losing four in a row, including a winless trip to California, the media and public are putting the Leafs under a microscope...again.

It seems like everyone from expert pundits Dreger and McKenzie to the average Joe has an opinion about the problems with the Leafs, as well as possible solutions. Theories have been bandied about, ranging from trading Sundin for prospects and resigning him in the 2008-09 season to firing Ferguson and Maurice.

The Leafs organization is in disarray. I have not seen such a complete lack of a game plan since the Ballard years.

MLSE, much like the late Ballard, seems more interested in bottom line profit than putting a quality product on the ice. Peddie admitted hiring Ferguson was a mistake, but hindsight is 20-20. The question now is what can be done to fix this mess in the immediate future, if anything?

I propose nothing can be done without creating a bigger mess this season. The best the team can hope for is keeping status quo. Hiring interim personnel for a short term fix will only creates future problems for the franchise.

What they do need is an exorcist to rid the franchise of the lingering spirit of Ballard. Maybe then they'll be sold to an owner, not an ownership group, who cares enough about hockey to build contenders not pretenders.