NBA Trade Speculation: 5 Teams That Could Use Brandon Jennings (With Video)

Christopher HowlandCorrespondent IIIApril 10, 2011

NBA Trade Speculation: 5 Teams That Could Use Brandon Jennings (With Video)

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    Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    After the Milwaukee Bucks were eliminated from the Eastern Conference playoff contention earlier this month, star point guard Brandon Jennings had some harsh words for his teammates.

    “Some Guys have the mind-set of winning on the team and some guys don’t,” Jennings told the Raceine Journal-Times out of frustration.

    He also had some words for the organization saying, “We traded a lot of pieces I feel like we should have kept. But that’s part of the business and you’ve got to roll with it.”

    Jennings is obviously not happy with his situation in Milwaukee and sitting at just a 33-47 current record, he has reason to be upset.

    If the Bucks were to consider trading their blossoming star, here are five teams that would match up best to acquire the services of Brandon Jennings.

Los Angeles Lakers

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    While 14-year veteran Derek Fisher isn’t getting any younger, the Los Angeles Lakers should consider investing in Brandon Jennings as their future point guard.

    Teaming Jennings up with the knowledge Fisher has accumulated over the years should prove worthwhile to the young point guard while also receiving reps off the bench.

    The Lakers would be wise to bump Steve Blake down on the depth chart while adding a piece for their future in Jennings.

Miami Heat

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    Mike Bibby should only be the stopgap for the Miami Heat until Mario Chalmers steps up and takes his place.

    But as Chalmers averages 6.4 points per game in 22 minutes, the Heat could consider going in a different direction at the point guard position.

    Jennings’ strength is his speed and teaming him up with two of the game’s better players would create a phenomenal fast-break offense.

    Jennings’ elite talent would bode well in a hot-spot like Miami.

Memphis Grizzlies

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    Despite playing fairly well in his first three seasons, Memphis Grizzlies’ point guard Mike Conley has failed to live up to his fourth overall selection hype.

    Averaging a career mark of 11 points and 5.2 assists per game, the Grizzlies could be better suited with a guy like Brandon Jennings running the point.

    Jennings would be an immediate upgrade over Conley, who is considered the weak link in a Memphis lineup consisting of O.J. Mayo, Rudy Gay, Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph, because of Jennings' all-around stellar offensive numbers and range from behind the arc.

Portland Trailblazers

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    Portland Trailblazer point guard Andre Miller certainly has the skills and respect to be a starter on any NBA team, but as time is working against the 35-year-old guard.

    Bringing in a player like Brandon Jennings would not only shore up the future of the Blazers point guard position, but it would also give him the opportunity to learn under one of the better, more experienced players in the league. 

    Miller is an excellent passer with impressive court vision that would be a nice platoon with Jennings' shooter-happy style of game play.

    Overall, it could be a great resolution for both sides.

New York Knicks

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    While the New York Knicks have an abundance of point guard depth to take care of times when Chauncey Billups is unable to play, like the situation they are in currently, this depth hasn’t produced an athlete ready to take over the position for the long-term future.

    Toney Douglas and Anthony Carter are decent options off the bench, but until one steps up and takes a game over, we can’t be too sure about their future.

    Jennings would be a nice addition to study under Billups while also providing All-Star ability to an already talent-loaded roster.