WWE Monday Night Raw Draft Edition: Do We Really Need a Draft?

Al ConstableSenior Analyst IApril 20, 2011

Last Monday night WWE announced that the next Raw will see another draft lottery take place where Superstars from both Raw and SmackDown are eligible to become "exclusives" for the other show.

Whilst the show promises that anyone can be chosen we all know who has a real chance of going to the other side of WWE programming.

Usually the draft offers wrestlers who have been flagging on Raw or SmackDown a fresh start as they face new competition and situations. Though it sounds good on paper, one does have to wonder if the big event is even required anymore considering how WWE TV has played out over the past year.

CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler are both on the Raw roster despite officially being SmackDown stars after last year's draft. All members of The Corre, Edge and Jack Swagger would make the opposite journey.

All these Superstars moved brands despite the draft. In some cases it made sense such as Edge being traded for CM Punk or Dolph Ziggler being fired from one show thus becoming free to appear on another. The Corre however completely destroy the notion that the draft actually holds any weight.

With no reason, beyond a storyline that dictated they were rejected by The Nexus, would make the jump with no repercussions. Basically if Alberto Del Rio was to be traded to Raw this Monday, who is to say he can't just not turn up and continue performing on SmackDown.

This brings me to my next point. Since SmackDown began showing on SyFy it is now on a channel owned by NBC Universal. WWE have shown that because of this Superstars are to make more regular crossovers.

We have seen this quite frequently in the case of many main eventers on each show who need to heavily promote their upcoming PPV bout. The draft used to allow the lower to mid-card to revitalise their careers but with main eventers appearing all over to take up more TV this isn't going to work anymore.

Then there is the case that the Tag Team and Diva's Championships have become inter-promotional titles. We will regularly see challengers for the tag team championship challenge the current holders regardless of what show they are meant to be exclusive to.

A couple of years ago the team Jeri-Show consisted of a Raw and SmackDown member. The Diva's, although being better contained in recent weeks, used to make regular crossovers before the championships were unified.

I personally believe that the WWE may have not done a draft this year if Edge had not been forced to retire and increased the need for a leading face on SmackDown. If this is true then it shows the weakness of the WWE creative team.

Let's say for a moment that Randy Orton was to be drafted to fill this void, if only for a year, is it necessary to revive the draft? He is in a long heated rivalry with CM Punk who he has been bested at every corner. The last man standing match between the two at Extreme Rules could have easily added a loser leaves Raw stipulation.

Regardless I will still watch Raw this Monday like I always do and hope for the best that I am wrong and this draft will hold some relevance for upcoming events.

Unfortunately I fear this is going to be a wasted episode of Raw in an age that has moved beyond the use of an annual roster shake up.