Strikefore Diaz vs. Daley Results: Will Diaz Fight for UFC Title?

Peter CarrollContributor IIIApril 10, 2011

Nick Diaz showed every MMA fan and fighter why the community loves him so much, with a ballsy and anxiety-inducing performance last night in San Diego.

The Cesar Gracie product negotiated his way through bombs thrown by Daley, even appearing to be just about finished at one point, before coming back and with taunts and peek-a-boo boxing skills that are constantly improving—to the point where they are becoming unparalleled.

Despite his well-known reputation as a smack talker and an aggressor, the Nick Diaz we have seen over the last few days is one we have never seen before. The talented and always exciting Stockton native revealed how he believed that Scott Coker has somehow downgraded him by his selling of Strikeforce to MMA power house Zuffa in an interview with MMA Weekly.

“I don’t understand this whole thing and I’m way too busy training. I knew there was a reason I never put the belt around my waist. Champion? Whatever.

“I thought that we were the competition and that my belt was worth just as much as the UFC’s.

“Now this is all about going to the UFC, so I don’t care about Strikeforce.”

Veteran reporter Ariel Helwani was even given a whip of Diaz’s sharp tongue when asked about the fight.

“I feel like you instigate fights…but where I come from people like that get slapped,” snarled the Strikeforce welterweight champion.

Again, Diaz had no hesitation in showing his disappointment with Coker, highlighting how he was always called upon by the company to fight without enough notice.

“They (Strikeforce) fight me too much; I’m the most overworked, over-trained, underpaid fighter.

“I hear about people like Georges (St-Pierre) is getting paid WAY more than me.”

The mentioning of GSP in that sentence may seem a strange one to a lot of new MMA fans due to the looming clash between Diaz’s teammate, Shields, and the UFC champion. However, as the older fans will know, it was always Diaz that everybody wanted to see squaring up against the Canadian.

Oh yes, “The GSP Hunter” is what they called him. Keyboard warriors from every corner of the world would verbally abuse each other when considering how the bout would go.

However, Jake Shields is now the main man at Cesar Gracie’s club as he will go in search of the UFC championship on the 30th of April. Diaz has referred to his stable mate as a “brother” on countless occasions, even being involved in a brawl in the middle of a cage to defend Shields. Nonetheless, he MUST be disappointed.

It appears to me from the interviews this weekend that Diaz no longer cares about Coker’s dream company, who seemed to be the closest when comparing stables to the UFC, due to their showing of weakness by giving their lunch money to the playground bully just two weeks ago.

To make matters worse, if Diaz is suspended after his display in last night’s barn burner, as he suspects, this will be a direct reaction to what Diaz has said about the company over the last few days, rather than his trash talking and taunting during his clash with Daley—which is generally expected in his fights. Diaz once again vented his frustration to Ariel Helwani.


“They’re going to suspend me for some [expletive] in there. That’s what they’re telling me. They fight me too much anyway, I need a vacation,” he said.

Things might be looking up for the exciting welterweight champ though. Dana White talked at length to MMA Weekly before the fights, claiming Diaz would simply just have to calm down as well as rhetorically suggesting it was jiu-jitsu black belt who he was there to see.

“This kid is talented, but he always crosses the line when he gets out and speaks publicly.

“He could fight GSP, but he’s got to tone it down a bit.”

One thing is for sure, if Shields goes on to beat St-Pierre on the 30th, there will be no chance of the two teammates facing off against each other in a similar fashion to Jones and Evans.