Strikeforce Diaz vs. Daley Results: Gilbert Melendez's TKO Win Video Highlight

Nick CaronAnalyst IApril 10, 2011

Strikeforce lightweight champion, Gilbert Melendez, showed why many consider him to be one of the top three lightweights in the world tonight.

In a bout that was about as one-sided as the video implies, Melendez systematically destroyed consensus top-10 lightweight, Tatsuya Kawajiri, to defend his title on his way to his fifth straight victory.

Just a minute into the fight, Melendez used a series of knees from the Muay Thai clinch to rock his Japanese foe before dropping him with an uppercut against the fence.

Kawajiri was able to cover up and escape being finished in that flurry, but would not be so lucky about two minutes later.

Under the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, elbows are now allowed in the Strikeforce cage. With Kawajiri noticeably rocked again, Melendez threw him onto his back and made use of his new weapon. Melendez smashed Kawajiri him with a serious of violent, undefended elbows before referee Cecil Peoples stepped in and called a stop to the fight.

It was a great night for Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu as Melendez’s teammate, Nick Diaz, also defended his Strikeforce welterweight championship in dramatic fashion against British fighter, Paul Daley.

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