Hulk Hogan to Start a New Wrestling Organization?

Daris BrownSenior Analyst IOctober 7, 2008

The rumor mill is up and running that Hulk Hogan is to join forces with Eric Bischoff to start up a new wrestling organization that will call CMT home.

With their brand new celebrity wrestling show soon to air, many are speculating that the dynamic duo is also in talks to start their own organization. Bischoff has said to feeling the wrestling bug once again, and it wouldn't be the first time Hogan tried to get his own company started.

But with two prominent organizations already flourishing, is there room for even one more? Yes, but who would leave the other two to join up with Hogan-Bischoff? The winner of his Celebrity Championship Wrestling show? Who'd watch? Right now Hogan's immediate aliases are the people in his camp right now: Brian Knobbs, Brutus Beefcake, and Jimmy Hart. Yawn, yawn, yawn. This idea would flop immediately. Unless...

What if Hogan stuck to what he's built his name around in present day more than what he did 20 years ago? Hogan could take a Vince like role, as he's not in any shape to get in the ring, and build off of his name. And much like the early days of TNA, they could draw in the best independent talent and focus on the wrestling. Something the big two have got away from (minus the HBK vs. Y2J feud).

But to truly succeed Hogan-Bischoff need a crossover star. They gain credibility as I'm sure Goldberg wouldn't be opposed to doing a few run ins. And there are several key free agents out there.

RVD calls Hogan his spiritual brother. He's done a few shows since his WWE departure and it wouldn't take much to lure him back, as long as the days on the road aren't much.

Bobby Lashley recently signed a MMA contract while still wrestling on the side. He could be the workhorse the company needs to succeed. Like RVD, limited road time could help to sign him.

Tito Ortiz. Here's one you might not have seen coming, but this MMA star's first career maybe slowly coming to a halt. He grew up a Hogan fan and, if the money's right, pro wrestling would not be a long shot as it may seem.

With the addition of key free agents, disgruntle stars from the big two will soon to follow. This scenario probably won't go down, but as Sting once said, "The only thing for sure is, nothing's for sure."