Away from Anfield: The Liverpool Spirit is Alive Everywhere

sam naikContributor IOctober 7, 2008

So lately i have been reading alot of Michelle's articles and I always am so interested in the different aspects of football that she writes about. It struck a chord and I realised that since most of us are unlucky not to have ever been to Anfield or we just live on the other side of the world, I was curious to know how you as Liverpool fans celebrate and enjoy Liverpool games on the weekend? Please fill me in on the traditions of your Football weekend.

Well to start let me tell you about my typical footy weekend:

I am from South Africa, I live in the City of Johannesburg and suprisingly we have got a huge number of supporters...which is really nice. The time zone in Johannesburg  compared to that of The UK is only an hour so it is really not a problem time wise.

My game day starts by me having a a shower before putting on that delightful Liverpool shirt (ooo how I love the feeling of the Liverpool badge next to my heart). Then I head off with mates to a pub for a couple of pints before heading over to a sports pub called Grand Slam, which is the official spot for Liverpool supporters South Africa.

We all gather an hour before kickoff to enjoy a soccer chat and a pint before viewing the game on big screen. After enjoying a thrilling 90 minutes of football we all sing "You'll Never Walk Alone," whether we are victorious or not, followed by a couple more pints before heading home

On Champions League nights I'm mostly at home so I enjoy the footy in my room under my Liverpool blanket cheering on my team...I share my room with my brother a huge Man U supporter, so you can just imagine the conflict that takes place in that room.

On my half side of the room the wall is covered with a huge Liverpool flag with a sign saying "This is Anfield," and as you move to the left you see a huge Man U flag sign saying the Theatre of Dreams. Yeah, my room looks crazy but alas I enjoy the conflict with my brother that is why Man U vs Liverpool games are so special to me.

This year i was glad to be on the winning team because boy it has been a long time. Anyway thats my little experience of football in Johannesburg...Sam style

I'd love to hear what your typical football weekend is like