No Surprise: Canadiens Send Carey Price to Minors

Mario CoutureContributor IJanuary 14, 2008

Some have been surprised by the move to send Carey Price to the minors...others have not.

With all the preseason hype about the 19-year-old goaltender, a lot of undue pressure was put on his shoulders by the media and fans. If we take a trip in the past, we can remember a young Ken Dryden coming up to save the season or a Patrick Roy who also made his mark as soon as he graduated.

We can not, in all honesty, make the same mistake with Price. We need to let him get accustomed to the speed and the playmaking of the NHL and accept that he will make mistakes. Going back to the minors is just temporary, as he possesses too much talent to stay there for a long time. What is important is that he will get to play many back to back games, which will allow him to get back to the basics of preparing for a game and remembering his fundamentals and what makes of him an outstanding piece of the puzzle.

Many fans will say he looks lazy in the net. There are very few spectacular saves. To tell you the truth, I was one of them until the day I decided to look at his playmaking in another way. He is always position squared to the puck, meaning he does not have to be spectacular in his movements. With a goalie of his size he needs to conserve his energy if he does not want to tire out.

It is my humble opinion that he will be back before the end of February and he will quickly gain the coaches' confidence, forcing his hand to place him as number one goalie for the playoffs...

Price was good enough to stay with the big club. Sending him in the minors was only temporary so he can come back in full force to finish the season.