What sort of Spurs fan goes to a relegation party on facebook?

David JacobsCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2008

Fair enough if they have a 'second team' which one side of their family supports (even though I think only one should be chosen and stuck with).

However, other fans have absolutely no excuse. I wonder if they are even real fans if they only sing and support the team when they're winning and also sign up for the 'Spurs Relegation Party' on Facebook. I'm quite sure there are a few in there.

I stop and wonder what they do if the team they switch to from Spurs lose on one particular week. Do they hop to the next one and then the next one, until all that's left is Arsenal or a lower league side???

I'm not oblivious. I do know Spurs have now had their worst start to the premiership season since 1912.
It looks and sounds even worse than it is because we all (admittedly) piled on the hype about all our new signings, who are going to propel the team all the way to the top four and into the Champions' League either with Arsenal or in their place (feel free to comment on which you thought would happen).

But as soon as a losing streak is noticed, I hear fellow fans calling for Ramos' head and his resignation.

What is it with these fickle fans!? It probably happens in other clubs too.
Take Chelsea last season; Avram Grant was the manager. I thought the club was a bit too big for him to handle. Chelsea had a few losses here and there, most embarassingly Tottenham at the Carling Cup Final 2008.

During that season, I read in a newspaper about the death threats and anti-semitic messages sent to him and his wife presumably by some radical Chelsea fans.

I'm not saying they all turned to other teams to cheer on, but it's not right to slate the manager all the time for every loss or switch to another team entirely.

Sometimes, big clubs like Chelsea expect too much after having a continuous run of successful seasons. They get too used to it. Then after one loss to a team, however big or small, "ROOOOOAAAARRRRR!"
The fans get unnecessarily angry and call for the manager to be sacked.

Not the players??? They're the ones on the pitch, not the manager. Shouldn't they take some of the blame and be questioned about their work ethic?

In fact, I'd question everybody's commitment to their teams, manager, chairman, fans and players alike.
Don't blame each other unless you're going to take some blame too.

I'm asking everyone the following. I'm answering too.
Whether you are a player, manager or fan, you'll find a question relevant to you. 
Please ask yourself:

Do you still cheer your team on at the TV screen or the pitch, no matter how bad the score or the playing was?
My answer - Yes I do.

Do you/did you ever toddle off to other teams'/rivals' matches instead just to feel good about a win?
My answer - I watch Spurs matches first of all, then others if I feel up to it.

Did you/do you ever call for the manager to be sacked after barely half a season?
My answer - No.

Do you as a player think you can do better than you are?

Do you try your best to instil belief in your squad and care about the fans?

What I'm saying is that you're a fan because you love your team and would stick with them through thick and thin. Things do work out if you give it time and continously get behind your team. Who would want the pitch to be a library??

As for Spurs, Ramos has had about one season to prove himself so far. Jol had three. Calm down.