2011 NFL Draft: Why Drafting Julio Jones Makes Sense for the Rams

Casey SchermickContributor IIIApril 9, 2011

ORLANDO, FL - JANUARY 01:  Julio Jones #8 of the Alabama Crimson Tide rushes for a touchdown during the Capitol One Bowl against the Michigan State Spartans at the Florida Citrus Bowl on January 1, 2011 in Orlando, Florida.  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Rams need to find a solid wide receiver to help the passing game.  Julio Jones makes a strong case to be that guy to fill-in the void at wide receiver for the Rams.

Many people have said that the Rams should be looking at another running back to compliment Stephen Jackson.  However Jackson is one of the top running backs in the league and he is in on a good portion of the plays on offense.  Drafting another running back does not make sense.

Another argument is that the Rams need to find another defensive back to help with their pass defense.  However the Rams were only 12th in the league with points allowed last season.  So defense as well is not a huge concern for them in the first round.

Today's game is focused mainly around the quarterback position.  Many teams are becoming pass first, run second on offense.  The Rams took care of this issue when they took the best available quarterback in the draft in Sam Bradford.  However, they failed to surround him with quality receivers to compliment him.

With the Rams' draft position, Jones should still be available and it would not make any sense for the team to pass him up.

Some people might say that a lot of first round wide receivers become busts in the NFL.  Just look at Mike Williams.  He had a relatively slow start to his career but had a breakout season after going to Seattle last year.  At this point in the draft, a team must consider their needs first.  The Rams need a wide receiver and Jones would be a perfect fit for them.  Even if he does turn out to be a bust, they at least would have taken a chance on their needs.

Other critics have also pointed out that the Rams had a strong group of wideouts before Mark Clayton was injured.  Again this argument is wrong.  The Rams have decent at best wide receivers.  If the game was on the line, there is not one receiver who they can depend on outside of Clayton to make a play.  Jones would give them more confidence down the stretch and they could count on him to make a play when they needed him to.

The final argument against Jones is that he only had a good combine and Pro Day.  He "didn't have good numbers at Alabama."  This again is ludicrous.  No he may not have put up the ridiculous college numbers that we have seen from some people.  But he still had 78 catches for 1,133 yards and seven touchdowns.  What more do you want from the guy?  He is in one of the strongest conferences in college football and still managed to put up over 1,000 yards.  Not to mention he played along side Mark Ingram who got a lot of touches on offense. 

The NFL will become a game dominated by quarterbacks and wide receiver in the next few years.  While the Rams have a lot of holes to fill across the field, they especially need a wide receiver.  Jones would give them a solid, dependable receiver, who has proven himself throughout his college career.  The only way that the Rams will not select Julio Jones, is if he is not available anymore by the 14th pick.