Big 12 Basketball: Kansas Tops List of Each School's All-Time NBA Starting 5s

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Big 12 Basketball: Kansas Tops List of Each School's All-Time NBA Starting 5s
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Paul Pierce, Kirk Hinrich and Wilt Chamberlain playing on an NBA team together?

From H.G. Wells to Stephen King to Mark Twain, creative minds have pondered the possibility and implications of time travel since as early as the fourth century.  But the potential of such scientific hypothetical situations was never met until 1989, when a film about two future revolutionaries who stumbled upon a time machine and used it to nail down a high school history report opened to the world. 

If you haven’t seen Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure then you probably don’t have a television, and if you don’t have a television you probably don’t follow sports, and if that’s the case, what are you doing on this website?  After my 8,534th viewing of the film, my inner sports geek summoned me to apply this plot to the sports world. 

If we could travel back in time to gather the best basketball players from every college, who would have the best NBA starting five?  Let’s examine this school by school, conference by conference, starting with the Big 12.

First, a few ground rules: I’m going to try my best to field actual teams, rather than just picking the five best players from every school.  Sometimes we’ll have three guards on a squad or be missing a center, but given the diversity of NBA lineups nowadays, this shouldn’t be an issue.  Also, some of the picks will be based on need.  For instance, if the fifth spot on a team is up for grabs and the team desperately needs three-point shooting, I’ll be more inclined to take a shooter.

Hopefully this will spawn some serious debates about which players deserve to make each team and ultimately which teams prove to be the most formidable.

I’ll present each team in alphabetical order, and the last slide will be my rankings of the teams.  As fun as this sounds, I hope the rankings are enough to incite some fanatical alumni to write sprawling, hateful comments in response to the list and spurn some real debate.

As Ted says, “I believe our journey through time has taken a most serious turn.”

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