New York Mets' Early Future

Lastings MilledgeAnalyst IOctober 6, 2008

So how will the Mets' prospects affect the Mets next year?

I honestly see Evans being traded, and Murphy will continue to get a lot of playing time. Mike Carp could be used as a power-hitting lefty off the bench, but he could just play in AAA and will not get significant time with the Mets if he is called up.

I see Fernando Martinez playing a lot more of his games in the minors this year and possibly making the move to the Mets later in the season, if he plays well.

The Mets will also rely on young pitchers. Niese will probably be in the rotation, and Parnell could be in either the 'pen or rotation. Dillon Gee or Dylan Owen could be called up at some point if they have success in AA next year. In four starts in AA, Gee was 2-0 with a 1.33 ERA.

Eddie Kunz could be used in the Mets' bullpen, but I believe he still needs a lot of work in the minors first. Eddie Camacho could be a sleeper for the bullpen, as he posted good numbers in AA before struggling in 14 games for New Orleans.

He has good stuff and is dominant against left-handers, with a 1.80 ERA, but he has shown he can get rattled pretty easily (7.5 ERA in away games, 8 ERA with runners on, and 8.44 ERA when behind in the count).