Chat Wraps

Evan Brunell@evanbrunellFeatured ColumnistOctober 6, 2008

The Boston Globe had a quick chat with Amalie Benjamin, the entire transcript is here.

On Papelbon’s availability tonight:

I think that Papelbon’s availability is definitely in question tonight. He has thrown four innings in the last three days, a heavy workload for him.

 On Pedroia’s slump:

He was very frustrated last night, putting the entire loss on his own shoulders, given his inability to get a hit. He easily could break out of this slump tonight (obviously), but overall I wouldn’t be too concerned with Pedroia.

On the potential game five matchup:

I don’t have a lot of faith in the Daisuke-Santana matchup favoring the Sox a second time. 

In the “For What Its Worth” Department, Colin Cowherd thinks the Sox close it out tonight.

I really thought there’d be more ‘breaking’ news & opinion at this hour, but that’s all I could dig up. Use the comments to keep the community up to date if I missed anything!