WWE and the IWC: Breaking Down the Craziness, No Holds Barred

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IApril 9, 2011

The Writer of this article is a loud and proud WWE mark, an intense lover of sports entertainment, flag bearer of Team Fruity Pebbles and insanely passionate about all things concerning WWE. WWE taught him many things that he has related it to his life. It even made him take the path of sharing his thoughts and feelings on the site known as BleacherReport.

His exams arrived, the writer took a break, he came back, wrote a couple of articles, but it seems like, another good innings was not meant to be…The IWC had changed, a new crop of writers had arrived. They all made an effort but the mighty Dirt Sheets overpowered their work and the writer lost his inspiration. He wanted to write, but he couldn’t, he wanted to analyze, but he wouldn't. What does he do? Read On...

In a final effort to get back his lost inspiration, the writer turned to the WWE. He imagined, his imagination told him a story, the story he will recite, the story he would like the Bleacher creatures to listen to.

Monday Night RAW, colorful fans have filled up the arena, the place has been decked up with high definition screens, new seats, new and young ring announcers. Backstage there is a mass of talent floating around and one man is dreaming...

The man, wearing a matrix trench coat, big golden locks, camera friendly face, is walking up and down the dressing room. He is an 11-time World Champion, he has been booked as a cowardly heel, none of his reigns have lasted long enough to be considered supreme. He manages to main event WrestleMania, but never gets his WrestleMania moment as a singles competitor. This year he is supposed to put over a new up-comer who has not failed to make an impact. His body, akin to injuries, taken many bumps, deserves one individual WrestleMania moment. Will he get it?

How could he be passionate about it? How could he not lose his inspiration?

The writer sets his sight on some books published by former and/or current WWE wrestlers. A book named, “Hardcore Diaries” pops up and it reminds him of the author; the crazy, hardcore wrestler who took chair shots with a smile on his face.

The writers is reminded of the struggle made by the hardcore legend, his book reminded the writer about the various instances where the wrestler had to travel miles to appear on shows. It reminded the writer about the non-friendly conditions the wrestler had to work in, just to be able to wrestle as per his contract.

The writer imagined the thousand days spent by the wrestler on the road, in winter season, when moving in snow covered roads would have been tough, when getting rooms in hotels was not a necessity, when the wrestler had nothing but his dream to act as a blanket against the beating cold.

Would the wrestler have been inspired enough to continue further? How could he not give up when his goals seemed to be a distant dream?

The writer moves forward. He sees a replica of the WWE Championship and is suddenly reminded of the current WWE Champion: arrogant, egotistical, cocky, but still WWE Champion.

The writer goes in flashback, remembers the first occasion on which he saw the champion: He remembers seeing him in a match on Smackdown back in 2007 with the Undertaker.

Crazy hair style, almost no in ring ability, joke of a person. The same wrestler was even part of a sub-par tag team. His partner was always considered superior, while he, was considered his lackey.

The person transforming from, the real world had a dream, but how could he be inspired after going through all this? People had written him off, no one could have believed in him. The wrestler was pretty much a no body.

What could have been going through the wrestlers mind, back then? How could he have gathered the nerve and the courage to pick him up and achieve what he achieved today?

All the three cases which the writer has illustrated here had the same outcome, the men being referred to did manage to pick themselves up and succeed in achieving what they wanted to achieve. This useful history lesson was intended to spur the writer on. He had regained his inspiration to write and hence the readers managed to reach this article.

Now, the inspired writer asks his fellow IWC brethren and B/R community members a question: Is the writer, hoping for too much? Can the writer, like the examples mentioned above, slog and hope for the rest of the community to pick up? Can the writer get back, what he has always craved, i.e., quality over quantity and can he have the support of the pro wrestling community to raise the roof?

The writer of this article can’t predict, but he can certainly hope. Are you with him?

Message to the B/R pro wrestling community: People,  just like you, I too am passionate about the game, but having been a part of this place for more than an year, and after having gone through the articles which made this a community a first place, I have realized that, we need to step up our game. I respect and appreciate everybody who writes an article, but I would really prefer if we focus on brining in new topics, rather than quote Dirt Sheets at a stretch. B/R is different, let us keep strive to keep it that way.