Kimbo's EliteXC Main Event Loss to Seth Petruzelli Not an Upset

Danny BurnhamCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2008

To anyone that follows the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, it should have been no surprise when Kimbo Slice folded up like a lawn chair on Saturday night against Seth Petruzelli.

To those who thought Kimbo would dominate the EliteXC main event because they've seen him beat up countless stiffs on Youtube, get with the program. This guy has been fed a steady stream of tomato can opponents whose styles played into his favor, not to mention fighters that were either past their primes, or never had one.

Kimbo was scheduled to face off against Ken Shamrock on Saturday. Shamrock was yet another over-the-hill former superstar to be propped up against Kimbo. In spite of the fact that he has lost his last five fights and eight of his last 10, he is still a recognizable name in the sport. 

If Kimbo wins, he has a victory over a legend in the sport, a member of the UFC hall of fame. Never mind the guy hasn't won a fight since 2004 and is 44 years old. EliteXC needed to solidify their cash cow with a victory over a recognizable fighter. Shamrock was forced to withdraw from the event at the last minute due to injury.

Enter Seth Petruzelli.....Literally.

Seth "The Silver-back" Petruzelli showed up at the arena on Saturday as little more than a spectator. Upon arriving, he was informed by EliteXC officials that he would be a participant in the main event.

Petruzelli was touted in pre-fight introductions as a UFC veteran, and a participant in "The Ultimate Fighter" reality TV series. Sure he is a UFC veteran, if you consider 0-2 in "The Octagon" a veteran.

The only "quality" win on his record came against Dan "The Beast" Severn back in 2004, when Severn was already 50 years old.

He has losses to Wilson Gouveia and Matt Hamil, the only other quality opponents on his resume. Not to mention he hadn't fought since October of 2007.

This guy couldn't possibly beat Kimbo, could he? He sure could, and it only took 10 seconds.

Why? Because even with very short notice, he appeared to have a strategy, and dictated the pace in the very short fight. Something that Kimbo hasn't seen yet. A couple of front kicks by Petruzelli allowed him the space he needed to keep Kimbo away and land a few bombs of his own. Kimbo hit the mat, ate a few more punches, and the fight was stopped and Petruzelli's hand was raised.

The fight commentator made ridiculous statements like "Most incredible victory in the history of MMA" and "...shocked the entire world of MMA."  That's what they would have us believe. That this fight was on the level of Muhammed Ali vs. Ken Norton, or Mike Tyson vs. Buster Douglas.

Not really. This was going to happen, it was just a matter of time. Kimbo would be matched up against a real fighter, and he would lose. But what does it say about his ability if some guy can just show up and beat his socks off in 10 seconds?

The fact is that he just isn't as good as advertised by EliteXC. The cash cow has been slaughtered. How he, and EliteXC bounce back will be interesting to watch.

Will they move on to a new flag bearer, or will they try to bill the fight as a fluke and continue to ride Kimbo, and try to prop him up with the best in the sport? Only time will tell.