WWE's Era of Awesomeness: How the Miz May Be the Key To John Cena's Heel Turn

Bleacher Report Contributor IApril 8, 2011

This past Monday’s RAW from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia drew 15,654 fans with 12,500 of those being paid, making it the seventh consecutive sellout for RAW.

Monday’s episode of RAW featured a total of 30 minutes and 11 seconds of in-ring action. While this doesn’t sound like much for a two-hour broadcast, this is actually way up from the previous week’s show, which only featured 17 minutes and 39 seconds of actual WRESTLING (yeah I said it!)

At Sunday’s WrestleMania 27 pay-per-view, we saw WWE Champion The Miz defy the odds and retain his title against John Cena. WWE officials are said to be thrilled with the evolution of character in recent months.

It’s hard to believe how far he has come since being on the Dirt Sheet with John Morrison, but The Miz has carried himself like a true champion and his recent media appearances promoting WrestleMania and the WWE overall have solidified him as somebody the company knows they can rely on to represent them, as well as taking over for John Cena and potentially becoming the face of the company

John Cena wrote on Twitter this week that he plans to re-focus his attention on The Miz and the WWE championship, now that his beef with The Rock has been put on hold for the time being.

It’s worth noting that WWE’s long-term direction is to have The Miz eventually turn baby face. The Miz has received a lot of baby face reactions from live WWE crowds lately, in part due to him working against Cena, who is a face but gets heel heat more so than his cheers nowadays, possibly setting up John Cena up for his heel turn if things continue