Tony Stewart vs. Regan Smith: Who Was Right?

Catherine WorrallCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2008


I saw the race at Talladega Speedway. I was watching remains of the last race. At first, I thought that Tony Stewart was going to win. But somehow, Regan Smith attempted to pass Tony Stewart. However, his pass came below the yellow line, making it illegal.


Tony Stewart was announced as the winner, while Regan Smith was placed in 18th, the end of the lead lap, an equivalent of a drive-through penalty.


Then, I watched the interview of Regan Smith. He said that he was forced down by Tony Stewart.


I disagree with Regan Smith because Tony had the right to block everyone behind him to protect his lead. I have seen a lot of race. I have seen many NASCAR drivers block others to protect their position. It is part of the game in NASCAR where they can be allowing to block.


I believe that Tony Stewart did win the race, not Regan Smith. Smith is rookie driver and he needs to know and understand the rules; he made an illegal pass, even though Stewart did "force" him down.


You can tell me your opinion of your thoughts that who should win the Talladega Speedway.