2011 NBA Mock Draft: No Matter What, Jimmer Fredette Continues to Slip

Brett Appley@@BrettAppleyCorrespondent IApril 8, 2011

2011 NBA Mock Draft: No Matter What, Jimmer Fredette Continues to Slip

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    Ever since the finale of the 2011 NCAA tournament, Jimmer Fredette's draft stock has continued to plummet.

    Going into the tournament, there were lots of questions surrounding the poor defense that Fredette had been playing. He tried to prove critics wrong, though, leading the BYU Cougars to the Sweet 16 with a lot of great play.

    Not only that, but other guards like Kemba Walker and Brandon Knight have given themselves great opportunities to be selected before Fredette. No matter what he does, Fredette's draft stock won't get any higher.

No. 1. Cleveland Cavaliers: PG Kyrie Irving

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    Kyrie Irving declared for the NBA draft during the past week, giving himself a great opportunity to be the top guard taken in the draft.

    Cleveland has already shown their interest in Irving, and could use a point guard for the future. Baron Davis is good for now, but he's certainly not in his prime. Taking Irving just makes sense, and would be good for everyone.

No. 2. Minnesota Timberwolves: SF/PF Derrick Williams

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    Derrick Williams was an animal during the NCAA tournament, and will see his hard work pay off with the second overall selection.

    Minnesota has All-Star Kevin Love filling up the current power forward position. but Williams would be a nice fit as small forward. The Timberwolves would be a legitimate threat if Williams is able to live up to the huge amount of hype that surrounds him.

No. 3. Toronto Raptors: SF/PF Jan Vesely

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    With Jared Sullinger declaring his return to Ohio State, Jan Vesely may be the top choice for the Toronto Raptors.

    He's been excellent playing overseas, and he has the potential to make a huge impact in Toronto. The Raptors are in need of a star to replace the absence of Chris Bosh, and they may just find it in Vesely.

No. 4. Washington Wizards: PF/C Enes Kanter

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    Enes Kanter would have been an excellent addition to the Kentucky Wildcats team this season, but he was forced to play overseas due to ineligibility.

    Washington already has a star in John Wall, and could use a big man who can score at the hoop. Wall and Kanter could be a good combo in the near future.

No. 5. Sacramento Kings: SF/PF Perry Jones

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    Sacramento would be ecstatic if it is able to land Perry Jones at No. 5. Jones would be a great fit for the Kings, playing alongside DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans.

    He is still only a freshman, and will need some work before he's ready to be a star in the NBA.

No. 6. Utah Jazz: PG Kemba Walker

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    After winning the NCAA tournament, Kemba Walker's draft stock has soared, and he is now easily considered one of the top guards in the draft.

    Utah traded away Deron Williams, and now has Devin Harris running the point. Harris is a good player, but Walker has the potential to be an All-Star, and the Jazz won't pass up on him easily.

No. 7. Detroit Pistons: PG/SG Brandon Knight

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    Brandon Knight is another player who has seen his stock rise tremendously in the past few weeks, helping Kentucky advance to the Final Four with spectacular play.

    Detroit has been looking for a star to help boost the franchise out of the rut it is in, and Knight may just be that guy. He definitely needs to develop some more, but his potential is sky high.

    There's still a chance he may decide to stay at Kentucky for another season, but he'll be a top 10 pick for sure if he decides to declare.

No. 8. Cleveland Cavaliers: PF Donatas Motiejunas

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    Donatas Motiejunas has top five potential, but may fall a bit because there are so many great guards that need to be taken in the top 15.

    Either way Cleveland looks at it, they'll get a legitimate guard and big man with two picks in the top 10. Assuming they take Irving first overall, Motiejunas is the best option here at No. 8.

No. 9. Milwaukee Bucks: PG/SG Alec Burks

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    The Bucks should really get a guard at this spot, and Alec Burks is the best available option.

    He's a gifted scorer who should be able to contribute for Milwaukee right away. He's also pretty versatile and could take some pressure off Brandon Jennings.

No. 10. Charlotte Bobcats: C Jonas Valanciunas

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    Jonas Valanciunas completes the talented international class of 2011 that will be taken high in the draft.

    He dominates overseas and has a lot of potential to be a good player in the NBA. Charlotte could use a true center who knows how to score, and who can take them to the next level as a franchise.

No. 11. Golden State Warriors: SF/PF Marcus Morris

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    The Warriors desperately need a center, but there is nobody good enough left to take at No. 11.

    Small forward is probably their second need, and Marcus Morris would be a great fit. Dorrell Wright is the current starter for Golden State, but he's primarily a three-point shooter, and might do well sharing time with Morris.

No. 12. Utah Jazz: PF Markieff Morris

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    Twin brother to Marcus Morris, Markieff won't be selected too far behind.

    Utah could consider taking Jimmer Fredette here, but having already taken Kemba Walker earlier in Round 1, that wouldn't make sense at this spot.

    Morris provides a big threat under the hoop, and should be able to make an immediate impact in Utah.

No. 13. Phoenix Suns: PG Jimmer Fredette

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    Jimmer Fredette seems to be the perfect replacement for Steve Nash in Phoenix.

    Although Nash is more of a point producer than Fredette, both have similar styles of play, which includes a sharp jump shot. Fredette could probably come in and be a threat right away, but learning under Nash for a year wouldn't be such a bad thing.

No. 14. Houston Rockets: SF Terrence Jones

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    Along with Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones was the other huge contributor to the Final Four run that Kentucky made in the NCAA Tournament.

    Another freshman, Jones would most likely need a year or so to make the transition to the NBA. Still, Jones has top 10 potential, and the Rockets should consider themselves lucky if they can snag him at 14.

No. 15. Indiana Pacers: PF Trey Thompkins

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    Indiana clinched a playoff spot Tuesday, and looks to be on the right track, with Danny Granger, Darren Collison and Roy Hibbert as their big three.

    Trey Thompkins would be a good fit here, because the Pacers don't have a great power forward, and Thompkins has a bright future.

    Tristan Thompson is another option here as well.

No. 16. New York Knicks: SG/SF Jordan Hamilton

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    With the additions of Chauncey Billups and Carmelo Anthony, the only position that really makes sense here is shooting guard.

    Jordan Hamilton is an excellent player, but would probably see few minutes in his first season in New York. He's still the best player in the second wave of guards, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see him fall close to the middle of the first round.

No. 17. Philadelphia 76ers: SF Kawhi Leonard

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    Kawhi Leonard has dropped off a little bit over the past couple weeks, but could still be taken inside the top 20.

    Philadelphia needs a strong presence, and Leonard provides that with his all-around game. He will be able to come in and make the Sixers yet another contender in the East.

No. 18. Washington Wizards: SG/SF Tyler Honeycutt

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    Tyler Honeycutt would be another excellent addition to the Washington Wizards.

    John Wall is obviously the focal point of the team, but assuming they take Kanter with their first pick, the trio that includes Honeycutt will be a good one for the future.

    It may take a while to show Wizards fans, but all these first-round draft picks are helping the team tremendously.

No. 19. Minnesota Timberwolves: PG/SG Nolan Smith

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    Minnesota has Johnny Flynn and Ricky Rubio locked up on the roster, but neither player is a guarantee of any kind.

    Adding Nolan Smith would bring a lot more depth to the guard spot, and give the Timberwolves a better chance in finding a star in one of the three.

    Plus, having Kevin Love and Derrick Williams along with Smith just sounds dangerous!

No. 20. New Orleans Hornets: PF Tristan Thompson

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    New Orleans needs another threat besides Chris Paul, plain and simple.

    It's not even a guarantee that Paul will be with the Hornets for much longer, but it might be a stretch to take a guard here. Tristan Thompson is the best player on the board, and New Orleans will be plenty happy to see him fall to 20th overall.

No. 21. Charlotte Bobcats: PF Kenneth Faried

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    Kenneth Faried helped Morehead State produce the biggest upset of the first round in the NCAA tournament with a win over Louisville.

    Faried adds even more depth to a Bobcats roster that could use talent everywhere. Charlotte has all the pieces, but they just need to figure out where to put them.

No. 22. Denver Nuggets: SF Tobias Harris

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    With the loss of Carmelo Anthony, the Nuggets will be searching for a replacement who can produce half as much as Anthony did.

    Although the Nuggets have been playing great as of late, it's hard to picture their success lasting for too long without another addition. Harris could provide a spark in the team that can keep them from falling out of contention in the coming years.

No. 23. Phoenix Suns: SF/PF Chris Singleton

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    Chris Singleton specializes in defense, something that Phoenix could really use.

    If he's available at this spot, I really don't see how the Suns pass him up. Especially if they secure a guard in Jimmer Fredette early in the draft, Singleton makes complete sense here.

No. 24. Oklahoma City Thunder: PF Jordan Williams

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    Jordan Williams is a project, but it seems like everyone on the Thunder was considered a project at some point.

    Durant and Westbrook have taken this team to new heights, but they're still one piece away from becoming championship contenders. Williams has potential to be the guy to push them over the edge.

No. 25. Dallas Mavericks: SF Kyle Singler

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    Dallas is pretty set at every position, so they will be looking for depth at this spot in the draft.

    There are a bunch of good options, but Kyle Singler has the most potential and Dallas will grab him if they can. Singler has the skill set to make an immediate impact, but he really won't have the opportunity until later.

No. 26. Chicago Bulls: PG/SG Shelvin Mack

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    Shelvin Mack saw his draft stock explode after the NCAA tournament.

    He wasn't considered to be a first-round draft pick for a while, but it looks as if he might find his way up there now. Mack is a great fit for the Bulls, who could use someone to take the pressure off Derrick Rose.

No. 27. Boston Celtics: PF JaJuan Johnson

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    Another team who is pretty set everywhere, the Boston Celtics will just be looking for the top player on their draft board.

    JaJuan Johnson has a ton of potential, and could fight for a role on the Celtics soon after he arrives. A senior at Purdue, Johnson has developed into a player who has the skills to have a great career.

No. 28. New Jersey Nets: SG Marshon Brooks

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    The Nets traded for Deron Williams this past season, securing the point guard position for a long time to come.

    They also have an elite center in Brook Lopez, but everywhere else could use some help. Marshon Brooks is a borderline first-round player, but could easily be taken by New Jersey here, which needs another scorer in their offense.

No. 29. Chicago Bulls: PF Jon Leuer

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    Jon Leuer had a great career at Wisconsin and should be able to produce right away in the NBA.

    The Bulls have two late first-round picks, and would be loving life if they were able to get both Shelvin Mack and Jon Leuer.

No. 30. San Antonio Spurs: Norris Cole

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    Another borderline first rounder, Norris Cole would be a good fit for the Spurs, which will only be searching for depth.

    They get the opportunity to take a risk on whoever they want, and Cole has a lot of potential to be the future guard in San Antonio.