RAW Recap For October 6th 2008

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The show opens with Michael Cole telling us they are live from the Key Arena in Seattle.

Chris Jericho enters for a promo to pretty much no reaction from the crowd, although it is more of a reaction than when he entered last night at No Mercy. Jericho has a decent bruise on the left side of his mouth which he obviously suffered at the hands of HBK last night.

Jericho tells us Mike Adamle is meeting with the McMahons tonight, so he will be the GM running tonight's show. He tells us tonight will feature HBK V. Lance Cade in a no DQ match. Jericho then goes on to show he also suffered a chipped tooth last night which is definitely noticeable whenever he opens his mouth.

The new No. 1 contender Batista then interrupts Jericho and comes down to the ring. Batista goes on to tell Jericho to "pick a number" to which Jericho responds by asking what he's talking about. Batista tells Jericho to pick a number of days until he loses the title to him.

Jericho responds saying that the number would not matter he could defend the title tonight and he will make the name Batista synonymous with "failure." Batista then goes on to give Jericho a spine buster to end the promo.

Next we see a promo for a match later tonight which will be Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy V. Kane and Mark Henry

After the commercial break they show a clip of what wasn't seen during the break which is Jericho reminding Batista he is tonight's GM which means he can strip Batista of his #1 contendership. Rather than that he decides to make Batista defend it again tonight against JBL with none other than himself as the special guest referee which is the main event tonight.

Next we see William Regal sitting ringside in his throne getting ready to watch the next match

"Glamarella" V. Jamie Noble & Mickie James

Pre-match Santino cuts one of his typical goofy promos and says he has a new favorite NBA team, revealing an Oklahama City Thunder t-shirt and hat he has. Rather funny, I really enjoy Santino's character.

The match starts off with the two women squaring off for about a minute until both tag their male counterparts in. Jamie Noble gets the momentum for the most part until Santino gets a quick roll up for the win. Short match, pretty pointless. After the match Jamie Noble goes outside the ring to brawl with William Regal.

After the brawl they cut backstage to HBK's locker room where he cuts a heated promo about how Jericho has to send Cade to do his dirty work for him and how he "still has gas in the tank" after last night's match.

Next Match

Ted DiBiase V. Kofi Kingston

This is Ted's first singles match in a long time, I think only his second one since debuting in WWE. Anyway, the match starts with Kofi taking the first offensive only to lose it quickly to Ted. They are fighting a rather technical match using submissions and holds mainly to this point.

Kofi starts using his quickness giving Ted a few kicks to take him down then going up top to hit a flying forearm. Kofi is dominating at this point leading to Cody Rhodes coming up to the ring apron and distracting Kofi. Kofi turns his attention to Rhodes allowing Ted to get Kofi in the Million Dollar Dream and hit a Russian leg sweep and get the pin.

After commercial there is another Jericho promo backstage with him talking to Randy Orton. He tells Orton how he has been just telling everyone about his accomplishments and hasn't been able to do anything since he's been injured. He goes on to say he is going to put Orton to work tonight but the promo ends abruptly leaving us to wonder what Jericho means.

Next is a promo about John Cena's injury featuring an interview with Batista regarding the injury. They go on to detail what really happened to Cena (herniated disk in his shoulder) and show clips of him in the hospital and his recovery process.

After commercial they show highlights from last nights PPV.

Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy V. Kane & Mark Henry

Rey enters (still masked) to a good pop from the crowd. There's no denying Mysterio is really big with the younger crowd and I think that played a part in him keeping his mask on last night, it makes him a colorful character which I think appeals to kids.

Hardy gets a solid reaction although not as much as Rey, and Mark Henry gets no reaction at all. Kane then enters to a few cheers from the crowd, and they try to make it look as if Mysterio is worried about tonight's match, holding his head as if he doesn't know what to do.

Mysterio and Kane start off the match with Mysterio using his quickness to get the early advantage. He tags Matt in after about 30 seconds and the two begin double teaming Kane. Kane recovers and begins dishing it out to Hardy, then getting the tag to Mark Henry. Hardy is able to get the tag to Rey and both men begin a double team assault, taking out both Kane and Henry.

They cut to commercial and upon returning we see Hardy and Henry going at it in the ring. Rey and Matt have worked on taking out Mark Henry's knee during the break and hope to expose the weakness to win the match.

Hardy tags Rey back in but Henry is able to get the advantage back over Rey after he attempts and pin and Kane gives Rey a blow to the back of the head from the outside. Henry then throws Rey out of the ring. Kane gets tagged back in and begins his assault on Mysterio. He beats on him for a couple minutes until he goes up top for an axe handle slam which Rey avoids.

After this Rey tags Matt back in and he holds the advantage, until Henry is tagged back in and the match goes back and forth from here on out pretty much. Rey eventually hits a 619 on Kane leading to Matt going up top to finish Kane off.

Henry on the outside grabs Rey when he attempts to take him out and throws him onto the top rope knocking Hardy off the ring post into a choke slam by Kane for the win.

HBK V. Lance Cade No DQ

Match starts with Lance Cade dominating early. He tosses HBK out and grabs a table from under the ring. Cade is pounding on HBK outside the ring and the crowd starts a prominent HBK chant.

Cade now sets the table up and proceeds to grab HBK and slam him through the table. Cade throws HBK back in the ring and then grabs a chair. He goes back in to attempt hitting HBK with the chair but fails when HBK recovers with a few quick blows. He gets the chair from Cade and hits him in the head with it taking him down.

HBK proceeds to hit Cade about 13 times with the chair all over his body, following it with a pin which gets him the win. After the match HBK proceeds to hit Cade about five more times with the chair which the crowd loves. The ref makes HBK stop and he leaves the ring just looking really pissed off.

After the commercial Jerry Lawler is cutting a promo to promote Cyber Sunday. He says how Santino Marella will defend his IC title against whoever the fans choose. The three choices are Roddy Piper, Goldust, and Honky Tonk Man.

After the promo Great Khali enters talking about his recent interview with Johnny Knoxville. They show a video of the interview and Knoxville asks Khali about the size of his " tally whacker." Apparently Khali gets angry over this and tries to flip a table over on Knoxville.

They cut back to the ring where Khali challenges Knoxville to a match next week on Raw. So we should probably expect that to happen. Khali goes on to host "the kissing game" which involves the cameras focusing on different couples throughout the crowd hoping they will kiss each other.

After a few couples they focus on Lillian Garcia who Khali walks up to and proceeds to kiss. Pretty dumb segment, don't know why they added it on.

Kelly Kelly V. Jillian

They come back from commercial cutting even more garbage with John Morrison and The Miz. Jillian is in the ring also and does a rendition of smells like teen spirit since they are in Seattle hometown of Nirvana. Kelly Kelly then enters as her opponent followed by Cryme Tyme.

This is strange as the two women battle it out in the ring Cryme Tyme and Morrison/Miz are arguing over the commentary of the match. They are standing on opposite sides of the announcers table just arguing back and forth with The King and Cole acting as moderators. I love how they totally under mind the Women's match with this, but Kelly Kelly ends up winning.

After the break they return with even more on John Cena. They show a bunch of clips of the other superstars embracing how tough he really is.Cena is due back soon so they're trying to hype his return basically.

JBL V. Batista Number One Contender Match

Jericho enters followed by JBL, but after JBL's entrance we see Jericho whisper in Lillian Garcia's ear. She looks at him baffled and he tells her "JUST SAY IT" to which she introduces William Regal as the special guest timekeeper.

But Jericho is not done, he then has her introduce Randy Orton as special guest commentator. They cut to commercial and upon returning Batista enters to a good pop from the crowd, probably the biggest of the night. The match opens with both men squaring off, crowd chanting Batista pretty loudly. He gets the early advantage and begins working on JBL's knee.

Going for the pin, Jericho counts very slowly to one allowing JBL to kick out. He gets him in a figure four which he holds for about 30 seconds until JBL gets the rope break. Jericho is trying to encourage JBL throughout the match also. JBL is able to get back on the offensive for a short while but he quickly loses it back to Batista.

They take it outside the ring and JBL is able to get a few shots in on Batista until Jericho tells him to get back in the ring. JBL walks around to the other side with Jericho following, allowing Regal to attack Batista from the timekeepers table. JBL and Jericho go back into the ring followed by Batista getting thrown back in.

JBL covers but Jericho cannot count fast enough for him to get the pin. Batista is able to recover and ends up giving a spear to both Jericho and JBL. Realizing he took out Jericho he starts to panic, only to be saved by Mike Adamle who comes out with another referee to call the rest of the match. Batista goes for the pin but JBL has been given to much time and kicks out.

Batista then goes on to give him a Batista bomb which he secures the victory on. Jericho watches from the outside trying to get back into the ring to stop it from happening but is unable to recover in time.

After the match Mike Adamle comes out and says he finds it funny how Jericho named himself special guest referee for tonights match. He says he met with the McMahon's and they told him to "stir things up a bit." He decides to do so by saying Jericho will defend his title at Cyber Sunday with the fans choosing the special guest referee. The choices given are Randy Orton, HBK, or Steve Austin to whom the fans cheer loudly for.

No surprise here with the Austin deal, everyone knew he was coming back for Cyber Sunday, but looks like they're already gonna be pushing this PPV getting some good hype behind it like the last few. Overall a decent show, had some good promos but nothing special. I'd give it 3.5 out of 5


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