Whatever Happened to the Chosen One Drew McIntyre?

Joel GarciaContributor IIApril 8, 2011

Hello fellow Bleachers I am back from my temporary hiatus (if you can call it that). 
Anyway let's begin.

Do you all remember when Drew was introduced, he was a ruthless, aggressive man and even handpicked by the Chairman of the WWE himself Vince McMahon. He was becoming one of my wrestlers (whoops they'd prefer to be called superstars now) to watch every night on Friday Night Smackdown. Pretty much the main reason really.

Fast forward a bit, and he has become a multiple time Intercontinental Champion and a former Unified Tag Team Champion as well. But one thing he has not yet claimed is the World Heavyweight Championship/WWE Championship (whatever title the writers decide to give him/or whether a draft is involved).

Where is The Chosen One's championship belt? 

If he is called The Chosen One and personally handpicked from Vince McMahon, then why has he gotten such a slow push as compared to someone as like Alberto Del Rio for example. It was his 'destiny' to win at the Royal Rumble (and he did), it was his 'destiny' to win at Wrestlemania 27 (he didn't, but still he got a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship)

In my opinion, I think Drew would make a good/great champion, whenever he wins the belt that is. I don't like the fact that he is facing people like JTG as filler and only shows some instances where he is aggressive. 

I get that the writers probably don't have anything for Drew, but I am pretty sure it was his time to be champion a while ago.

That's all from me. Let me know what you think. Correct me on my info if I am wrong, criticisms and all that stuff.

Take care Bleachers.