WWE's John Morrison and Melina: Backstage Heat and More

Zoe EyvelisseContributor IIApril 7, 2011

So I’m pretty sure everyone has been updated on the backstage heat of Monday Night Raw’s resident Spiderman John Morrison and his Mary Jane, Melina.

In case you haven’t, here’s a recap:

John Morrison and Melina are reportedly “upset” with Trish Stratus’ main event spot at Wrestlemania 27. It is said that John Morrison avoided any ideas that Stratus came up with pertaining to the match and also kept his distance from her before and after the actual match.

This reportedly hurt the three-time Babe of the Year’s feelings.

Morrison’s real life girlfriend Melina has said that she feels that Trish “stole” her spot in the event and reportedly has a number of WWE Divas who feel the same way.

She released her thoughts on Twitter in subliminal yet obvious tweets.

I can only imagine who else she’s talking about.

Now, here’s my opinion:

So they are mad that Trish was in the main event but not Snooki? …..Oh.

If anyone ambushed their way into Wrestlemania’s main event spot, it had to have been Snooki. She has no previous in ring experience and I can bet you my life savings she couldn’t tell you what the acronym WWE stands for.

Melina feels like she and the other WWE Divas have been in and out of the ring leading up to WM27 and should have been on the card but lost it to Trish, who just recently came back on the scene.

Well Ms. Perez, may I remind you who Trish Stratus is?

After the days of Sunny, Miss Elizabeth and Sable (momentarily), Trish Stratus helped build up the Women’s Division. She, along with Lita, Molly Holly, Chyna, Ivory and countless others, made people stop and realize that women can do much more than take their clothes off in the ring.

And if I may get technical, Trish Stratus and all the other previous female wrestlers cut promos longer than any “Diva” matches we see nowadays. I am just saying.

Trish Stratus doesn’t need to be on the road 24-7 to “main event” because Trish Stratus has done all of that already.

Her record speaks for itself. Her name rings bells (to the older audience, obviously). If anything, the WWE Divas should be thanking Trish Stratus for blessing the ring again.

What I can’t stand is someone who doesn’t give credit where credit is due. If all you’re worried about is someone else “stealing” your spot, well then you’re in the wrong business. People can get replaced in a matter of seconds.

And can someone tell me where Melina’s been anyway? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Exactly. I’ll admit I’d rather see her in the ring over the Bellas any day, but with an attitude like she’s gaining she can just take a seat right next to Gail Kim.

And here’s another insider that Morrison obviously is ignoring. Kelly Kelly was originally supposed to ne in that match so would he have snubbed her too? I doubt it.

John’s upset because he wanted Melina in the match but—news flash—Melina’s heel. She wouldn’t have been on your side anyway.

Morrison was just getting push after push and now you want to complain? Oh John, you are really something else.

Now, in no way is this an article to bash Morrison or Melina because I am in fact a fan of both, but attitudes like these are going to get them nowhere fast.  

And with that, thank you for reading. Your comments are welcomed.