Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers: Week Five

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IOctober 6, 2008

Welcome to the fifth edition of the weekly article that compares Brett Favre's and Aaron Rodgers' performances over each game.

Last week was a no-brainer. Brett Favre's six touchdown passes was enough to give him a 3-1 lead on his heir to the Packers' throne, Aaron Rodgers. The B/R community strongly agreed with my choice of Favre, as Rodgers stumbled with three interceptions.

In week five, the New York Jets had a bye week. To make the scoring even, and make sure each quarterback gets the same amount of chances to win, I will award the quarterback that IS playing on the others' off week a win.

Example: This week, the Packers played, the Jets did not. Therefore, Rodgers wins week five. Week eight, the Jets play, the Packers do not. Therefore, Favre will win week eight. So it all evens out.

However, that will not stop me from praising and criticizing each player.


Week Five

Green Bay Packers 24
Atlanta Falcons 27


Aaron Rodgers: 25-37 313 yds, 3 TDs, 1 INT

The Good

Rodgers rebounded from a dismal performance last week in Tampa Bay. He once again showed off his accuracy and chemistry with his wide receivers. He connected with both Donald Driver and Greg Jennings for long touchdowns, and throwing for 300 yards is always a plus.

The Green Bay defense played poorly and forced Rodgers to make plays and win the game. It looked like he was about to pull the Packers out of a 2-3 start, until he tossed his fourth pick of the year.


The Bad

The Packers got off to a slow start. The Falcons jumped out to an early lead on them, forcing the Packers to play from behind for the entire game. Rodgers' offense started the game with two consecutive three and outs. He turned it around sharply and played well.

His interception cost the Packers at the end, but the game had been lost way before that.


Brett Favre

The Jets had a bye week.


The Pick: Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers wins by default. However, if Favre had played this week, he would have needed to play an excellent game to steal this win from Rodgers. I don't like to think of this as a free win for Rodgers, as he played a great game against a decent Atlanta Falcons team.


Final Thoughts

Rodgers has shown us all that he is ready to lead. In four of five games, he has given the Packers the chance to win. He has done his part for his team. The rest of them must respond to his high level of play, or the Packers are in for a rough season.


Next week the Packers play the Seattle Seahawks, while the Jets play host to the lowly Bengals.