Cleveland Browns: Tim Couch and the 12 Most Worthless Draft Picks Since 1999

Constantine MadiasCorrespondent IApril 8, 2011

Cleveland Browns: Tim Couch and the 12 Most Worthless Draft Picks Since 1999

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    The Cleveland Browns returned to the NFL in 1999, and have arguably gotten the least value of any team through the draft since then.

    Quarterback Tim Couch was picked first overall in 1999, ahead of names like Donovan McNabb, Ricky Williams, Torry Holt, Champ Bailey and Daunte Culpepper.

    The Browns lacked brains in the front office until Phil Savage stepped in as the general manager in 2005, but didn't have what's considered a great draft until Mike Holmgren took over as president of the team in 2010.

    In the last 12 years, Cleveland has seen only four of its first round picks go the the Pro Bowl (Braylon Edwards, Joe Thomas, Kellen Winslow, Alex Mack).

    Who else has been a no-show while wearing brown and orange? Let's take a look...

12. QB Charlie Frye

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    Charlie Frye was drafted in the third round by the Browns in 2005, which is why he's not higher on this list.

    In his three seasons with Cleveland (2005-2007), he played just 21 games and had only 14 touchdowns to accompany his 23 interceptions.

    Unfortunately for Frye, his least memorable game was probably his final one in Cleveland. He completed 4-10 passes for 34 yards, an interception, and was sacked five times against the rival Steelers.

    He never found his place as a starting quarterback, but luckily for Frye, there's a few other Browns signal-callers who were worse than him.

11. RB Lee Suggs

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    Running back Lee Suggs was drafted in the fourth round in 2003.

    Suggs appeared in 29 games from 2003-2006 with Cleveland, but only started in four of them. He never reached 750 yards rushing in a single season. 

    The injury bug was a major problem for Suggs, who never played more than 10 games in a single season. 

    He wasn't a bad pick in the fourth round, but he didn't do much for the Browns. 

10. WR Andre Davis

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    Andre Davis was drafted in the second round of the 2002 draft by Cleveland.

    Second round picks are supposed to be extremely valuable, but Davis didn't do much in his three year tenure with the Browns.

    He often battled injuries, but Davis never crossed the 600-yard receiving plateau. He was nothing more than a dangerous special teams returner.

    Davis scored a 99-yard receiving touchdown in 2004, but it accounted for almost a quarter of his total yards (416) on the season.

    Davis was a bust.

9. WR Travis Wilson

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    As a third round pick in 2006, Travis Wilson recorded minimal stats with Cleveland in his two seasons with the team.

    In four career games with the Browns, Wilson was despicable (2 rec., 32 yards).

    There isn't much else to say about Wilson. He made the Cowboys' roster later on in his career, but is currently out of football. 

8. LB Rahim Abdullah

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    Rahim Abdullah was a complete waist of a third round pick for the Browns in 1999.

    He recorded just 71 tackles, one interception, and two sacks in two seasons (1999-2000).

    As a sign of his ineffectiveness, Abdullah later played in the Canadian Football League beginning in 2002. His NFL career was short but ugly.

7. LB Chaun Thompson

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    As a somewhat highly-touted prospect in 2003, linebacker Chaun Thompson was drafted by the Browns in the second round.

    For a guy who played in (but didn't start) all 16 games from 2003-2007, Thompson's stats look like those of a third-string safety. He recorded 10 tackles in his rookie season (2003), 24 tackles in 2006, and 15 tackles in 2007.

    Thompson only has 11.5 total sacks in seven NFL seasons. 

    Because Thompson wasn't drafted in the first round, he's only seventh on the list. What a dreadful career.

6. LB David Veikune

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    Former general manager George Kokinis took over the Browns in 2009, and lasted one season because of his poor draft decisions. 

    Alex Mack turned out to be a Pro Bowler, but David Veikune hasn't worked out considering his second round draft status.

    Veikune deserves recognition as a candidate for the worst second round pick ever. He played one season with Cleveland, and in 10 games...he recorded no tackles!

    How isn't he higher on this list, you ask? The Browns lost nine of their first 10 games in 2009. Even a few tackles from Veikune wouldn't have helped the cause.

    Veikune signed with the Denver Broncos in 2010.

5. RB William Green

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    Now, as we enter the worst of the worst, William Green begins a list of horrible first round picks. Green was drafted with the 16th pick in 2002.

    As a rookie, Green ran for 887 yards (his best season), but never averaged 4.0 yards-per-carry in his career.

    He battled legal troubles in 2003, when his fiancee stabbed him in the back. This was what the Browns felt when Green finished his Cleveland career in 2005 with 20 carries for 78 yards in eight games. 

    On the plus side, Green sent the Browns to the 2001 playoffs with a touchdown against the Falcons in Week 17, titled "Run William, Run!"

    Green attempted to make a comeback to the NFL a few years ago, but didn't succeed. 

4. DT Gerard Warren

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    As the highest-rated defensive player in the 2001 NFL Draft, how didn't Gerard Warren work out for the Browns when he was picked third overall?

    He was a monster at Florida, but from 2001-2004, Warren only piled up 16.5 sacks. He played four dull years in Cleveland, and never stood out as the diamond he was supposed to be.

    For the record, LaDanian Tomlinson was drafted fifth overall in 2001, and Richard Seymour sixth. With so much talent left behind by the Browns, Warren's disastrous tenure makes things a lot worse for the franchise.

    Warren is still one of the guys Browns fans are trying to forget.

3. DT Courtney Brown

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    The Browns selected defensive tackle Courtney Brown first overall in 2000. Can it get any worse?

    In his five seasons with Cleveland, Brown only recorded 17 sacks. He only played two games for the Browns in 2004, his final season with the team.

    LaVar Arrington was picked second, Jamal Lewis fifth, and Brian Urlacher ninth in the first round of that same draft.

    Aside from Tim Couch, who will be mentioned later, Brown is one of the worst top picks of all-time. He's also one of the faces pictured during the dark days in Cleveland. 

2. QB Brady Quinn

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    What hurts the most, is the fact that the Browns traded back into the first round in 2007 to draft quarterback Brady Quinn 22nd overall.

    Some fans argue that Quinn didn't get much of a chance, but he had a horrible stat line while with Cleveland. In 14 career games (over three seasons), Quinn had 10 touchdowns and nine interceptions with a 66.8 quarterback rating.

    Some of Quinn's career low-lights include: On September 27, 2009, Brady Quinn went 6-8 with 34 yards, one interception, and a quarterback rating of 42.7 in a 34-3 loss to the Ravens.

    Later that season, again against Baltimore, Quinn went 13-31 for 99 yards, threw two interceptions and had a quarterback rating of 23.5. The Browns lost 16-0.

    Quinn was later traded for Peyton Hillis and a sixth round pick in 2010, an unbelievable deal for the Browns.

    He has yet to play for the Broncos, and is currently a third-string quarterback.

1. QB Tim Couch

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    Tim Couch will forever signify the worst of days for a Cleveland sports fan. The Browns came back to the NFL in 1999 after a three year leave; unfortunately, Tim Couch was also selected first overall in the draft.

    He had a 75.1 quarterback rating in five seasons with the Browns, but dragged the team through the coaching years of Chris Palmer and Butch Davis. Couch was eventually booed off the field by hometown fans in a game against Baltimore; he later cried in the locker room, clearly in frustration.

    Sadly, Couch was supposed to revamp the Browns, and turn into a franchise quarterback.

    Similar to the way Cleveland fumbled its 1999 first round pick, Couch coughed the ball up 20 times in his career. 

    Couch never got a chance to play in another NFL game after 2003, and will eternally be frowned-upon by most die-hard Browns fans.