Why the Fiesta Bowl Does Not Deserve To Be A BCS Bowl...

Alex FergusonSenior Analyst IIApril 7, 2011
When the bowl seasons end, we tend to randomly discuss the National Championship Game until the Spring Games, and then we shut up (unless you really want to discuss the ref's call in the Ohio State- Miami game or THAT USC-Texas game).

But with the Fiesta Bowl, this is going to rumble.

As an avid investor in the stock market, we're used to hearing stories of people in senior positions doing bad things, but the Fiesta Bowl amused us all when it fired CEO John Junker for improperly reimbursing $46,000 in campaign and federal donations, including $28,000 to the Arizonan Republican party.

According to the allegations about Fiesta Bowl bids, they not only did they pressure staff to donate to political parties (although all parties seem to be absolutely clueless as how to sort out Arizona's horrific housing problems, where whole new towns are completely and utterly empty) also dropped $1,200 on a strip club and 30 large on Junker's birthday party.

Do you think Junker thought when the expenses came up in front of them: "Hey, it was a great party. Of course I'll sign everything off." $30,000 for a birthday party. Are you serious? Was it IN a freakin' strip bar?

What makes us even angrier with the whole Fiesta Bowl thing is that all of this expenditure was done during America's worst recession in years. There are people starving out there, and yet the executives thought it was OK to spend disgusting amounts of money politicking, birthdaying, and stripping.

We'll see when a result comes out on April 28th, after the Fiesta guys have met NCAA lawmakers.

If there's any right in the world, the Fiesta Bowl would be thrown out of the BCS rotation, and a man who really knows how to spend money - Jerry Jones (so, how did the Dallas Cowboys do this year, Jerry?) can get the Cotton Bowl into the rotation. JerryWorld would be an amazing place to have a National Championship Game. And it might not snow this time, either!