The Death Of Colt Cabana

Mike LevyContributor IOctober 6, 2008

If you're not familiar with the name of Colt Cabana or Ring of Honor in general, you might be familiar with a certain Smackdown jobber named Scotty Goldman. Although not on TV as of this time, he made his debut last month jobbing to "The" Brian Kendrick. This diluted and at times boring version of the once major player on the independent wrestling circuit is now resorted to minute long promos and three minute matches.

The Colt Cabana of old was one of the first guys I fell in love with when I was introduced to this little company called Ring of Honor in 2005. A master of comedy matches and mat wrestling in general, Colt Cabana was one of the most entertaining wrestlers I've ever seen.

He could cut the most serious promo you've ever seen and then throw in jokes to lighten the mood. His matches and rivalries with now WWEsuperstar CM Punk and TNA Star Homicide are legendary within the indy scene. 

Yet, this once promising young ROH veteran, after spending a year in FCW, has lost his signature style and moves. He now appeals to the WWE's target audience of little kids and people with short attention spans. But there's always old Ring of Honor DVD's and Indy matches to cloud out the travesty that has become of the WWE version of Colt Cabana.

Colt Cabana, RIP, and I wish you luck in your future endeavors.