Thought in Five Minutes: John Morrison, IWC and Wrestler's Personal Lives

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Thought in Five Minutes: John Morrison, IWC and Wrestler's Personal Lives


I'm sure most people know the rumours flying about the heat on John Morrison after what happened at Wrestlemania 27. For those of you who don't know, here is basically what happened. If you've already read it, just skip it and get to the good stuff:

Essentially it seems before Wrestlemania, Morrison rejected various ideas suggested by Trish Stratus for their match. During the match itself, Morrison used Snooki as a shield to guard himself from Stratus and refused to hug her after the match. The belief is Morrison's unprofessional behaviour, which many speculate has landed him in the doghouse, was due to Morrison perhaps believing his real-life girlfriend Melina deserved to be in the six-person tag match instead of Trish. Some believe he may have been doing it to show Melina's own feelings of not being included on the card.

Another recurring issue, which has perhaps gathered Morrison heat not only with wrestlers in the back, but the IWC, is the fact that it's believed Morrison has let Melina have sexual relations with other wrestlers and men, including former WWE world champion, Batista. 

To quote the Pro Wrestling Torch, who originally broke the story, ex-WWE guys "Paul London and Brian Kendrick alleged numerous behind the scenes stories involving Melina and Morrison in their 2010 'shoot' interview, Brian Kendrick & Paul London's Excellent Adventure. London stated that Morrison is 'spineless' because he repeatedly permitted Melina to engage in sexual activity with outside partners while the two were dating. He added that Morrison would accompany Melina on dates with her partner of choice. Kendrick also claimed that he himself had been intimate with Melina."

The response by the IWC and some fans is what I'd like to address. The first thing some people did was criticize Morrison as a man for screwing up his push, while others have attacked him as a man due to the possible nature of his relationship. The reaction some fans have given Morrison doesn't hugely surprise me, but the guy is human and human beings screw up and do things wrong or do things which don't do their careers any favours. 

Another issue is, if that's the case and the guy is in an unhealthy relationship, why are people attacking him as a person? No one is perfect and people will do a lot of things for love, or have relationship or intimacy issues. Also, as fans, we only know or think we know one part of this story, when there's more than one side to it. Everyone has got issues, but it seems wrestlers, like other celebrities, are especially exposed to rumours and the public eye and criticism.    

With wrestlers, it seems at times we judge their personal lives and forget these guys are people too. I also find it funny how people will treat a person in the spotlight different to someone they know, or won't, at times, consider all the possibilities. My first thought when I read about John Morrison was if that is the case, why hasn't a WWE official or a friend tried to help him or speak to him about issues he's got with Melina in his relationship?

I'm not trying to say Melina is emotionally taking advantage of MorrisonI don't even know the guy. For all we know they may have an open relationships. So why are we judging a man on something we only know through half-truths and rumours? The point is, everyone has demons and personal issues that only a few people may actually know ofdoes that mean anyone has the right to pass judgement without knowing anything about the real them?         

Five minutes up, thanks for reading and feel free to comment.

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