WWE: It's Time to Shake Things Up a Bit, My Ideal Rosters After the WWE Draft

Charlie GSenior Writer IApril 9, 2011

WWE: It's Time to Shake Things Up a Bit, My Ideal Rosters After the WWE Draft

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    Almost every year the WWE deicides to shake things up a bit after Wrestlemania. Draft or trade, things are bound to be changed.

    Last year's draft proved to be very good for the flagship show, Raw, and rather poor for Smackdown. Raw acquired two former world champions as Smackdown required a handful of mid-card competitors.

    Does anyone remember the videogame, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008? If not, or if you've never played it I'll share some information with you. There was a game mode called "General Manager" mode. You, the player, got to be the general manager of either Smackdown, Raw, ECW or all three.

    You booked your own matches, started your own feuds amongst stars and decided the fate of your favorite superstars. Another great addition to the mode was a WWE Draft after every in game year.

    That's what I'm doing now. My own "General Manager" mode style Draft. I, Charlie Groenewegen, am creating my own WWE Draft right now.

    You're just in time, the first pick is underway... 


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    Smackdown is up first.

    The following superstars are drafted to Smackdown...

Evan Bourne

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    Evan "Air" Bourne, the first draft pick for Smackdown.

    Bourne hasn't been getting as much TV time as he should on Raw. He had a few matches already since his return. He defeated Sheamus in a very short  squash match and lost to Alberto Del Rio in another squash match.

    On Raw, Evan Bourne is living in the shadows of Randy Orton, John Cena, The Rock, The Miz, et cetera. Bourne needs his space to grow, that space his on Smackdown.

    Bourne needs to move to Friday nights for more TV time and a higher chance of being booked correctly. Imagine Bourne versus Kofi Kingston or Justin Gabriel.

Ted DiBiase

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    Ted DiBiase is going to Friday nights!

    Since the split of Legacy, over one year ago, DiBiase has been doing nothing. It's like WWE Creative has nothing for him.

    The best thing for Ted would be a move to Smackdown. His former tag team partner, Cody Rhodes, benefited greatly from the move to Friday nights. Why doesn't DiBiase do the same?

    DiBiase needs to leave Maryse on Raw and start fresh on Smackdown. He could make an interesting Intercontinental Champion.

Daniel Bryan

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    Daniel Bryan is doing good for himself on Raw. He had a very long reign as United States Champion and is in a feud with current champion, Sheamus.

    The two guys work great together and put on an excellent show.

    The problem Bryan has with being on Raw is he may never make it to the main event level. Which is why a move to Smackdown may elevate him to that main event status.

    Daniel Bryan can achieve that status by winning a Money in the Bank or Royal Rumble. He is small for his size but can really bring it in the ring. Him winning the Rumble would cause another "underdog" story that we've seen numerous times in WWE.

    A Rumble win by Bryan would definitely cause flashbacks to Chris Benoit's road to a World title.

John Morrison

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    Morrison is the same as Daniel Bryan. He's good on Raw but Smackdown might bring him to the next level.

    Morrison doesn't need the switch as much as Bryan, but it could help. With Money in the Bank pay-per-view coming up soon, many people expect Morrison to win the Raw money in the bank ladder match.

    If for some reason WWE doesn't let Morrison win, then the move to Smackdown would be necessary. Morrison has been knocking on the main event's door for some time now.

    Smackdown would be the easy way for Morrison to reach a World title.

Michael McGilicutty

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    McGilicutty was one of the best amongst his fellow NXT Season 2 rookies.

    He was part of both, Barrett's Nexus and CM Punk's Nexus. Punk's Nexus didn't prove to help his career after Randy Orton kicked McGilicutty to the sideline.

    I have been a fan of McGilicutty's since NXT season 2. I wanted him to win over Alex Riley and Kaval.

    McGilicutty can feud with his NXT pro, Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental title.

    McGilicutty has a bright future in WWE. It should start on Friday nights.


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    Smackdown is done and now Raw gets their draft picks.

    The following people are on the Raw roster...

Michelle McCool

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    LayCool is going through hard times right now. They are on the brink of splitting up.

    McCool looks like she'll remain heel as Layla will turn face. The two will definitely feud for sometime but I say skip that. Have McCool attack Layla one week before the Draft, breaking the team up and draft Michelle to Raw.

    After all, the Divas Championship is on Raw. 

    On Raw, Michelle would feel like a target to other Divas and hire a bodyguard (more on that later). 

    Point is, if WWE wants to make McCool "big," Smackdown isn't the place for that. Raw is. There McCool can challenge for the Divas title, without Layla, and prove to be a dominant force in the WWE Divas Division.

Awesome Kong

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    Meet Michelle McCool's bodyguard. Awesome Kong or since TNA trademarked (something like that) her name, how about Kong for short.

    McCool will debut her new bodyguard on Raw. Enter Kong. 

    With the help of Kong, McCool can be one of the best Divas Champions the WWE has ever seen. How does this help Kong?

    It proves her massive stature and strength. She can take out numerous divas until one special someone steps forward. Gail Kim.

    Kong and Kim have a past in TNA, where they had awesome matches against each other.

Jack Swagger

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    Jack Swagger has been Michael Cole's coach. Really? Really, WWE? That's all you got for Jack Swagger?

    A former ECW Champion and former World Heavyweight Champion is now teaching an announcer who to wrestle?

    Swagger needs the switch to Raw. The United States title picture is very stale. Daniel Bryan and Sheamus, maybe Sin Cara but I'm unsure because his appearance on both, Smackdown and Raw.

    To make the United States Championship more credible, have a match between Sheamus and Jack Swagger. Imagine that. Those two would restore much needed credibility to the belt.

Drew McIntyre

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    What if you add Drew McIntyre to the mix?

    Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger vs. Drew McIntyre

    McIntyre is really getting the short end of the stick on Smackdown. "The Chosen One" is so popular in WWE nowadays. It seemed like he would feud with Edge after Kelly Kelly kept teaming with Edge and ignoring McIntyre. But, no.

    McIntyre had a good showing at Elimination Chamber but fell short. He missed WrestleMania and has rarely been seen on Smackdown. He has no feuds and needs help. He's turning into the Smackdown version of Raw's Ted DiBiase. 

    McIntyre can move to Raw, feud with Sheamus and Swagger for the US title or go straight after The Miz. What should it be?

The End

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    A little review:


    Jack Swagger

    Drew McIntyre

    Michelle McCool

    Awesome Kong



    Evan Bourne

    Ted DiBiase

    Daniel Bryan

    John Morrison

    Michael McGilicutty


    What do you think of my little changes? This should be a small part of what this years WWE Draft should be. Make things fresh again and give superstars a much needed/deserved second chance.