WWE: Was WrestleMania 27 Just Another Pit Stop on the Road to WrestleMania 28?

Micah ChenAnalyst IIIApril 7, 2011

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know the main-event of Wrestlemania 28: John Cena vs. The Rock, icon vs icon.

This isn't going to be an article about whether it should have been booked a year in advance, blah, blah, blah, no. What I'm going to be focusing on is just where did we get from Wrestlemania 27?

The answer is nowhere; not a single feud was solved on the grandest stage of them all.  Wrestlemania is supposed to be the final stop, the final chapter on the long and winding road.  Where questions get answered and rivalries end.

Look over the card. Not a single real feud ended, and the feuds that did end, nobody cared about anyways. 

Yes, Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus ended, but it was a dark match so who cares. The Corre vs Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston ended, but then again, it never really started.

WHC Edge vs Alberto Del Rio. On Smackdown's Tuesday (spoiler alert) taping, it was announced that the two would face off in a ladder match at Extreme Rules. So that rivalry is still unfinished.

Randy Orton vs CM Punk? Watching Raw this past Monday, it was pretty obvious that there was some unfinished business.

The rivalry between Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio only seemed to intensify because of Wrestlemania 27, not cool down.

This past Raw, Michael Cole was still challenging Jerry Lawler to matches, so obviously they still have a match or two left.

John Cena vs The Miz might as well have ended in a draw. Lets face it, the only reason why that was the main event was because the Rock was going to interfere.  So it was basically another stepping stone on the road the Wrestlemania 28, as it set up a match the following night.

The only match that had any real ending to it was Triple H vs. The Undertaker, and even that ended funny. The loser walks out on his own feet, while the winner gets carried out on a stretcher. 

And common, what were we expecting, they were going to have a rematch at Extreme Rules, where they would have to fight again in Extreme Rules.

Because of Wrestlemania 27, we already have our main event for Wrestlemania 28. What else was solved?


My point is, the WWE didn't have to have a Wrestlemania this year if they already were planning an even bigger and better Wrestlemania 28.  They could have made this just another PPV. Heck, the card felt like, "just another PPV" card. 

The WWE put no effort into this PPV. It was a decent show, but not good enough for Wrestlemania.  But this set the tables for an even better show for next year. 

And now expectations have never been higher.