Sorry Miami, Florida State Is Ahead

Yates BoykinCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2008

Hate to say it (well, not really), but Florida State is further ahead of Miami on the path back to the good ol' days. The Seminoles showed this Saturday when they beat the 'Canes/Ducks 41-39 at Dolphin Stadium.

The hype going into the game was not the same as it has been in the past years, but the game itself looked the same. It was full of crazy plays: reverses, a wide receiver pass, two muffed punts, and tons more.

Oh yeah, there were no missed field goals, which was a relief. But it was definitely not ordinary.

The game was essentially a test. Florida State got an A and got that much closer to passing the class. Miami failed the test, meaning they are a step behind FSU.

Both of these programs are looking to rebuild and return to where they were. Right now, Florida State is closer than Miami is.

I think the problem with Miami is the coaching staff. Head coach Randy Shannon is a great recruiter, but he needs better coaches surrounding him. On the other hand, Florida State has a very strong coaching staff—maybe the best in the country.

With all of that said, does Florida State still have a chance to go to the ACC championship? I say yes. With all of the crazy stuff going on right now in college football, anything is possible.

If Alabama can win games consecutively and Auburn can still be ranked 20th with two losses, then heck, Florida State can go to Tampa and come out victorious.

Sorry Miami, no hope for you. At least not yet.