Tottenham Hotspur Twits: The Top 10 Tweeters at White Hart Lane

James WillisAnalyst IApril 11, 2011

Tottenham Hotspur Twits: The Top 10 Tweeters at White Hart Lane

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    Twitter and football are two words commonly put together in the modern game, with many footballers having been disciplined for their comments on the social networking site before.

    Perhaps the most famous twitter occurrence at White Hart Lane, was Darren Bent, as he tried to force through a transfer to Sunderland. Following that incident all players twitter accounts were closely monitored and controlled by the club.

    Now there are not as many Spurs players on twitter, but a number can still be found on the site, with some entertaining tweets as well.

    Sadly it's difficult to confirm genuine accounts sometimes, and some of these have not been verified, but they are most likely the real accounts of each of the players mentioned.

Younes Kaboul

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    Twitter: Younes_Kaboul

    Example Tweet: "I apologise to my team and would like to say sorry to the fans and I hope we will not see that on the pitch again."

    Younes Kaboul may not have perfect English, but his twitter feed is still very understandable. Even if most of his updates are about his personal injuries etc, it's nice to get an insight into his progress with injuries and performances throughout the season.

    The player also admits that the twitter is largely run by his webteam, but his messages still get through as tweets on a regular basis.

    As evidenced above, Kaboul also like to relate to fans ensuring that there's apologies for bad performances and encouragement for good ones.

Aaron Lennon

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    Twitter: @AaronLennonpsl

    Example Tweet: "Monday morning bak to the training ground yesterday was hard to take deserved the 3 points,,, but we get ready for milan now!!!"

    Lennon could have been in trouble recently following his comments on twitter after the Real Madrid Champions League match, having claimed that he had said he couldn't play days before the match but was being made a scapegoat.

    Wisely, the club seemingly chose to ignore the comments and move on to what is going to be a very important run in to the end of the season for Tottenham.

    Lennon's tweets come as no surprise, but like Kaboul's account, it's always helpful to follow for updates and inside news to the club.

Rafael Van Der Vaart

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    Twitter: @rafvdvaart

    Example Tweet: "I am going to enjoy breakfast and after breakfast i am gone prepare myself for tonigt's game i am realy looking forward"

    Celebrity culture has become so popular nowadays that fans will follow their idols on twitter just to find out what they're doing at each moment of every day. This account really does not help that stereotype go away, although he doesn't post as often as some other big names do.

    It's always nice to be getting updates on when your team are flying out to said destination before a game, or to know when they're busy training ahead of an important clash, and for those reasons this account is perfect.

    Perhaps the best moments of Van Der Vaart's twitter though, are his "banter" conversations with other opponents.

Steven Pienaar

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    Example Tweet: "Really hoping that this injury responds this week. Its critical few months coming up & I really want to be part of it"

    Tottenham's recent summer signing is arguably their most prolific tweeter, with a number of regular upates not only on him but also on what the team has been up to as a whole.

    Pienaar even confirmed his transfer to Tottenham on the social networking site before the official confirmation statment came from the Tottenham Hotspur website. He also revealed early that he was going to wear the number 40 shirt.

    Steven Pienaar's twitter account is possibly the most active at Tottenham and hence why it makes maybe the best follow of the lot.

Sandro Ranieri

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    Twitter: @sandroraniere

    Example Tweet: "I'm with the best goalkeeper in the world my friend Heurelho Gomes." - (shortly followed by...) - "He said hello to everyone !!!"

    Most Spurs fans weren't expecting the Brazilian youngster to get his start in Spurs colours quite as soon as he did, but once he started playing he didn't disappoint.

    Sandro's twitter is now endeared to Spurs fans as he comes across as one of the most humble and human footballers around.

    He's already particularly strong in the English language and tweets in both English and Brazilian, and by living next door to fellow Spurs player Heurelho Gomes, there's always something for him to tweet about.

Jermaine Jenas

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    Twitter: @jjenas8

    Example Tweet: "Just got on the plane with the lads on route2 madrid! We're all ready 2go! Sat nxt 2 crouchy so ill b having some banta for the nxt few hrs!"

    Another midfielder, Jermaine Jenas has had his account officially verified by twitter. His tweets are largely similar to some of the other spurs players in terms of injury updates and team news, but unlike some of the other accounts there's also a lot of banter on this twitter.

    Jenas is also keen to keep his fans involved, doing regular retweets and shout outs to all who ask for them.

    The midfielder's twitter may not be stand out but it's always good for a bit of entertainment.

Heurelho Gomes

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    Twitter: @gomesnumber1

    Example Tweet: "see u later, I'm going to my friend house now, my best friend Sandro!!! see you!"

    Basically Gomes' feed is just largely a twitter account reinforcing the fact that Sandro and Gomes are best friends since meeting up at Tottenham.

    Like many of the other players, there's also a small insight into when training for the team is going on and how players are progressing, but Gomes seems to be the sort of person who wants to use the site to connect with fans more.

    Despite only having been on it for one month, after some persuasion by Sandro apparently, the goalkeeper already seems to be a rather strong tweeter.

Tom Huddlestone

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    Twitter: @thuddz

    Example Tweet: "Nice to be back in first team action today! Been a loooooong time since mid nov but felt good today! Thanks for the positive msgs!"

    Although not quite as prolific, Tom Huddlestone's twitter is for some reason reminiscent of Rio Ferdinand's feed.

    The big Spurs midfielder not only updates on injuries and team news, but like to add in things like who he's supporting in other major sports events, and which other tv shows he's been watching.

    Maybe it doesn't do much to help the overall celebrity culture that the world has slipped into, but it's largely light hearted comments from a spurs fan favourite.

Gareth Bale

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    Twitter: @garethbale03

    Example Tweet: "Lol, i apologize about the bad pass... Kenwyne and I were having a laugh bout that!"

    At first, it's hard to believe it's really Gareth Bale's twitter account, but as many of the other confirmed accounts of Spurs players are following it, then it seems more and more likely.

    The flying winger has arguably the most entertaining twitter feed of all at Tottenham, with a very laid back and relaxed view of everything.

    Bale's twitter feed is regularly updated and he admits himself that it's become quite an addiction, making for even more entertaining tweets.

Benoit Assou Ekotto

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    Twitter: @assouekotto

    Example Tweet: "Go bk at home eatin m'y favorite pasta loooool"

    For those who already know anything about Benoit Assou-Ekotto, this twitter feed just goes to reinforce it all.

    The full back has a reputation as a brutally honest, down to earth player, speaking his mind and not hiding from the facts.

    He's not one of the more prolific tweeters though, as he doesn't update his feed quite as often as some of the other players, but when he does it tends to be quite worth the wait.

...and Some of the Youngsters

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    Harry Kane - @hkane28 - One of Spurs most promising youth products for years, Kane's twitter feed is largely what you'd expect from anyone his age.

    Tom Carroll - @tom_carroll92 - Again, very much what you'd expect from someone his age, Carroll is always involved in some enjoyable banter between the Spurs youth.

    Ryan Fredericks - @RyanFredericks_ - Fredericks is another one of the Spurs youth getting involved in all the joking on twitter at the moment.

    Ryan Mason - @Ryan_Mason13 - Perhaps slightly more mature than his fellow youth players feeds, Mason also likes to get his followers involved.