Paul Daley and the 10 Meanest Strikes in MMA

T.P. Grant@@TP_GrantAnalyst IApril 7, 2011

Paul Daley and the 10 Meanest Strikes in MMA

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    Many consider striking the most exciting part of MMA. Fights bring a diverse array of strikes from a pantheon of striking martial arts.

    Hooks and uppercuts from boxing, spinning kicks from Taekwondo, knees from Muay Thai to name a very few. But there are some fighters and some strikes that just stand apart from the others.

    Paul Daley is one such striker, and as he prepares for his Strikeforce title fight let us see where Daley's signature hook lands among a list of MMA's nastiest strikes.

Honorable Mention: Cro Cop's Left High Kick

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    Likely the most famous single strike in the history of the sport. Cro Cop famously utters about his kicks "right leg hospital, left leg morgue" and nobody could argue with the string of limb bodies left in rings by his left kick.

    An absolute force in the 2000s, this strike is now an honorable mention because for all intents and purposes, the strike has been retired for about four years now. But it was stunning to watch in its day.

10. Chris Leben's Footstomps

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    Perhaps the most mean spirited strike on this list, any time this gritty middleweight finds himself in a clinch rather than rest, Chris Leben prefers to punish his opponent's foot with heel stomps. The purpose of these strikes is to injure the foot by breaking the little bones and nothing else.

    Leben's nickname, "The Crippler," is rather fitting considering his vicious use of these stomps.

9. Rampage Jackson's Right Hook

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    When Quinton "Rampage" Jackson was in Pride he was best known for his slams, but he has worked diligently on improving his boxing. He now boasts one of the best inside boxing games, with an array of tight hooks and upper cuts.

    His most famous punch was the right hook that began the dramatic decline of the great UFC Champion Chuck Liddell.

8. Dennis Siver's Spinning Back Kick

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    A German kickboxing champion, Dennis Siver has always had a dramatic flair to his striking game. Siver's strongest strike is actually his right hand, which packs quite a punch and, as a result, he's been the focus of many opponent's game plan.

    So Siver likes to use his right hand early in fights and force opponent's to circle away from it, right into a killer spinning back to the liver.

7. Edson Barboza Jr.'s Leg Kicks

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    There are many great leg kickers in MMA, but Edson Barboza's brutal leg kicks have turned many heads, even more than his spinning hook-kick turned Njokuani's head. They are quick, accurate and just devastating.

    There are perhaps no better examples of the damage that can be caused by leg kicks than the way Barboza left Marcelo Guidici and Mike Lullo crumpled on the canvas for Leg Kick TKO wins.

6. Junior Dos Santos' Right... No, Left... No, Right Hand

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    Lets face it, both Junior Dos Santos' hands are just devastating. If I had to pick a strike it would likely be his right uppercut, but his left and right hooks are just nasty.

    Many criticize Dos Santos for his lack of kicks and knee strikes, but when you see the power in his hands, it's hard to blame him for falling in love with them.

5. Jon Jones' Elbow

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    Jon Jones love throwing elbows. Spinning elbows, raining down elbows, either from the top position or just plain old over the top.

    While these are all great, lets not forget he SHATTERED Brandon Vera's face.

4. Wanderlei Silva's Knee Strikes

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    One word describes Wanderlei Silva: "Violence."

    There is something very primal and visceral about the Muay Thai clinch, and Silva seems to love everything about it. And MMA fans were mesmerized by his ability to render opponent's helpless as he peppered them with knees, leaving them broken on the mat. 

3. Anderson Silva's Straight Left

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    Anderson Silva's left hand is a laser beam. Fast, accurate, and it certainly leaves a mark.

    Silva's lethal counter-striking flurries are often consummated by a straight left, and it is rare for an opponent to survive a flush landing.

2. Paul Daley's Left Hook

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    Paul Daley loves his left hook; he throws it more than any other strike, and it only takes one to put a fighter to sleep.

    His KO of Scott Smith is one of the finest KOs you will ever see (skip to 2:50).

1. Dan Henderson's Overhand Right

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    Simply put, Dan Henderson has found a way to attach a small hydrogen bomb to his right hand. If it hits you, you go to sleep.

    While Rafael Cavalcante is the latest victim of a Hendo-bomb, nobody will ever forget the nuclear holocaust that occurred on Micheal Bisping's jaw at UFC 100.